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June/July: Presidential Blog Roundup

News Story

Pace President Stephen J. Friedman discusses the lessons of life and how time waits for no man, Pace's involvement in the recent town hall on mental health, Florida's alumni population, and more in this month's blog roundup.

Friendship: Life’s lessons often come to us when we least expect them. Perhaps it is better that way, since they are more striking when we are caught off guard. I recently had two very different experiences, but the lesson was the same.

Life Lessons: Saying no takes greater confidence—confidence in yourself and in your beliefs. Most important, saying no puts the prime consideration—whether it is the play, the organization, or the student—first.

Alumni in Florida: Did you know that the Sunshine State is filled with Pace Setters? In this week’s blog post, President Friedman talks about his meetings with some of the active alumni in Florida.

Mental Health: From classroom experiences to the importance of counseling. President Friedman discusses mental health awareness and what Pace has been doing about it.

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