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Library Late Nights

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The days are shorter and the nights are longer so Mortola and Birnbaum libraries have added extra late-night study time so you don’t fall behind while we prepare to fall back. Extended library hours are back just in time for midterms.

You’ve heard the motivational, albeit crushing, phrase before: You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé. And while she may run the world during her day, you can now spend yours catching up on studies as both the Mortola and Birnbaum libraries extend their hours to accommodate for fall midterms.

Extended hours will be held from Sunday, October 18, through Thursday, October 22, on both campuses:

Mortola Library (PLV)
Open 24 hours
Mortola Library is testing a 24-hour access period during fall midterms, so use it or you might lose it.

Birnbaum Library (NYC)
Until 2:00 a.m.

But don’t worry, Library night owls—extended hours will be back from Monday, November 30, through Friday, December 18, for finals.

For a complete list of the libraries’ services and hours, click here.