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President of the Pace University Marketing Association (PUMA) Marquise Steward ’20 thrives on the competitive nature of the ad industry, but still struggles with accepting praise. That is, until he received some valuable advice.

Marquise Steward ’20 is all about ambition and succeeding in a competitive environment. It’s part of the reason why he always knew he wanted to go to college in NYC. “It was a dream of mine to live and thrive in [this city] while interning and working at the top companies of the world,” Steward told us. Naturally, he found his way here. “Pace really wants me to succeed, and will use every resource it has to do so. I felt it was a wise choice to attend.”

It was that ambitious, sometimes ruthless nature of advertising that initially sparked Steward’s interest in pursuing a major in advertising and integrated marketing communications. “You have to really work in order to make it in advertising,” he said. “If you slack, your competitors will come in and knock you off the top. [That] matched my competitiveness.”

Steward’s keen eye for leadership is exemplified in his current positions at Pace: President of the Residence Hall Association as well as President of the Pace University Marketing Association (PUMA). What keeps him motivated? “I am truly grateful to surround myself with many inspiring individuals who work for the same things I do. They motivate me to keep pushing boundaries and bringing the best ideas, events, and opportunities to Pace,” he said.

His tenure in these positions has provided Steward with a unique perspective into what makes a good leader and, in his opinion, it all comes down to valuing your team. “You can define the success of a CEO by the success of the employees,” he explained. “I try my best to take care of my members and give them the opportunity to exercise their greatest power: their voices.”

Recently, Steward had the opportunity to meet top representatives at a number of influential companies like Coca-Cola European Partners, FedEx, and The New York Times—all abroad. “This was a class that could not be replicated or translated in a classroom setting,” he said when discussing the marketing faculty-led study abroad course he signed up for, which took him all the way to London and Brussels.

Led by Professor Dennis Sandler, PhD, and Clinical Professor Paul Kurnit, the class enabled students the singular opportunity to meet with representatives and visit advertising agencies on-site. “It left a great impact on me because it helped me develop as a citizen of the world and a distinctive candidate in the job market,” Steward continued.

For all his many accomplishments including marketing internships at Aflac and Statista, Steward still struggles with accepting praise. “I never do something for the applause of others, but rather the satisfaction of the accomplishment,” he told us, detailing a moment on the job when two of his supervisors pulled him aside to let him know just how much they appreciated his hard work.

His bosses had some advice, too. “[Because] I often underplay or overlook my accomplishments, I was advised to soak in the moment and smell the flowers,” Steward said. “They encouraged me to really value my worth as an asset to the team and to celebrate the wins when they come. I now make sure to celebrate my victories and praise my team members to continue the cycle.” Needless to say, Steward will make an incredible boss someday. We’re excited to see where he ends up next!

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