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Master Plan Construction Update

News Story

With summer just getting underway, construction in Pleasantville is going strong. Read more to get updates on office relocations, parking, and much more.

The spring semester has come to a close with a spectacular Commencement Ceremony on Friday, May 23. With the conclusion of the spring semester, we have kicked off our summer projects. The Environmental Center work continues with the classroom and animal buildings, and is expected to be complete by September, 2014. The construction zone in the center of campus has expanded as work begins on Alumni Hall, the Kessel Student Center, the creation of the Central Campus Green, and the dredging and ecological restoration of Choate Pond. Construction on the Athletics Fields and the new Field House is expected to begin in July, pending the issuance of building permits. As you walk or drive on the campus, please exercise caution, be alert, and follow the directions of flag people. Traffic and pedestrian patterns will be constantly changing.

Work on the Kessel Student Center began on May 27. The building is now closed and will remain off limits to the Pace Community until it partially reopens in September for the start of the fall semester. The Kessel parking lot will also permanently close this summer.

The occupants of the Kessel Student Center have been relocated to the following locations:



Staff Name


Auxiliary Services

Mary Lieto

Woodward Hall, Room 201 Briarcliff


Katie Chase

Woodward Hall, Room 201 Briarcliff


Terre Devlon

Woodward Hall, Room 201 Briarcliff






Miller 24, 28, 29




Career Services Satellite Space 


Will remain closed through September




Center for Academic Excellence

Allyson King

Martin Hall, Room B-10




English Language Institute

Brian Hickey

Graduate Center, Room 552




International Students & Scholars Office

Christine Shakespeare

Graduate Center, Room 552




Meal Plan Office


Briarcliff Dining Hall




Multicultural Affairs

Cornell Craig

Martin Hall, Room B-13




One Card

Muhammad Hossain

Miller 27


Patricia Milo

Miller 27




Provost Office

Dominick Bumbaco

Dow Hall




Student Affairs

Dean Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo

Goldstein Fitness Center, Athletics Director’s Office


Irina Katz

Woodward Hall, Room 201 Briarcliff


Jedidah Ochuonyo

Goldstein Fitness Center, Athletics Suite


Carol Turco

Martin Hall, Room D-12




Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA)

Rachel Carpenter

Martin Hall, Room D-11


Niki Fjeldal

Martin Hall, Room D-10


Shawn Livingston

Martin Hall, Room D-14


Robert-Thomas Jones

Martin Hall, Room D-13


SDCA Office Team

Martin Hall, Room 103


SDCA Interns

Martin Hall, Room D1L




Student Mailrooms


Martin Hall, Room B08




Student Government Association


Will remain closed through September




Student Success

Sue Maxam

Martin Hall, Room B-09




Study Abroad

Christine Shakespeare

Graduate Center, Room 552

All phone lines remain the same.

When Kessel Student Center partially reopens at the start of the fall semester:

  • The kitchen will be fully functional.
  • Only a portion of the existing servery (where the food is served) will be open. The deli and salad stations will be located in Gottesman Room.
  • Gottesman Room and Setter's Lounge will be used as temporary Dining Halls and will be unavailable for events. Butcher Suite will remain closed throughout the semester.
  • Dining Hall A will be under construction and will remain closed throughout the semester.
  • Special Events has identified alternative spaces for events. Please contact Kristen Vinciguerra at (914) 923-2667 for more information regarding Special Events or Rachel Carpenter in the Student Development and Campus Activities Office for student organization events at (914) 773-3861.

Tree removal in the center of campus has also commenced. The site plan approved by the Mount Pleasant Planning Board for Phase 1A includes the removal of approximately 450 existing trees and the subsequent planting of over 630 shade, evergreen, and ornamental trees following the construction of the buildings and paved areas. About half of the proposed trees will be planted within or adjacent to the new Green, the residence halls, Choate Pond, and the campus drives. The balance will be planted in and adjacent to parking and stormwater management areas and along the existing wooded perimeter of the core campus.

The trees to be removed will be reused in the following manners: The large hardwood trees are being utilized to create dimensional lumber and will be resold in the hardwood market. The large softwood trees will be utilized to create dimensional lumber and also to create veneers for plywood products. The smaller trees are being chipped up, and those chips will be used for the production of fiber board and will be utilized for commercial mulch. A great deal of the removed trees will be repurposed, as has become the standard of the industry, and is reflective of Pace University’s commitment to be a steward of the environment.

The logistics and schedule for these projects will evolve on a daily basis. Please be patient as we work to transform our campus. Weekly construction updates can be found on the project website

Want to see a timelapse video of the construction? Click here. 

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact me at or Aisha Moyla at