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May We See Your ID?

News Story

If you’re a new student, a returning student, or a faculty or staff member, here’s what you need to know about Pace’s ID Card Offices, receiving your ID, requesting a replacement ID, and more.

From dining to building access, and from events admission to discounts, your Pace ID is one of them most important things for you to have while on campus. With the start of the fall semester coming up soon, we’ve made some changes to the ways you receive your ID card and how you can request a replacement.

First and foremost, no one will be allowed inside of any Pace ID Card Office to snap a new photo, so make sure that when you upload your image, you make it a good one. 

How do I receive my ID card?

The following new procedures will be required for the safety of all:

  • >> Incoming first-year students will receive their ID card from Residential Life and Housing staff prior to the move-in process. Students living on-campus will retrieve their ID at the time of check-in.
  • >> Incoming commuter first-year students will receive an email from Pace’s Auxiliary Services Department with details about the ID card distribution process. The email will outline, in alphabetical order by last name, the date and time when you will be able to retrieve your pre-printed student ID card.
  • >> If you are a returning student who will be living on campus this fall semester and you have lost your ID, please report your ID lost to Auxiliary Services. Your replacement ID card will be given to the Office of Residential Life and Housing prior to move-in. When you check in to your residence hall, you will receive your ID card directly from Residential Life and Housing staff.
  • >> Commuter students who have received notification that their ID photos have been approved and would like to pick them at an alternate time than scheduled can email the ID office to schedule a new pick-up time.

What else should I know?

  • >> All incoming students and new hire employees will be required to electronically upload photos prior to arriving on Pace’s campuses. These changes will be communicated during summer Orientation sessions, included in new student communications, and Human Resources’ communications to new staff and faculty.
  • >> All returning students, staff, or faculty who have lost or misplaced their ID Card will be required to submit a HelpDesk ticket or send an email prior to returning to campus to request a replacement. Replacement cards will be pre-printed and available for pick-up at the onset of the fall semester or resumption of activities on campus.

If you missed your scheduled ID pick-up, please reach out to your campus ID Card Office. For information about ID Card Office locations and hours, uploading your ID image, and much more, visit the Auxiliary Services website.