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Are you #PaceBound? Come meet your Orientation Leaders (OLs)! They will be guiding you through your transition to Pace by answering your questions, directing you to important resources, and much more.

As an incoming Pace student (and future Setter!), Orientation is an essential part of the undergraduate admission process, and nobody knows that better than our intrepid Orientation Leaders (OLs)! They are here to facilitate all aspects of your transition to student life by leading events, pointing you toward the appropriate programs and services, and of course, answering all your burning questions.

Ready to find out who they are? Look no further! Each OL you meet provided a bit of information about themselves, including a fun (and sometimes even surprising) fact.

PLV Campus

  • >> Erika Barrera Lopez (she/her/hers) | Nursing (major) | “I like art, and I especially enjoy painting!”
  • >> Nicolette Camacho (she/her/hers) | Mathematics and Adolescent Education (major) | “I’m left-handed!”
  • >> Bree Davis (she/her/hers) | Nursing (major) | “I graduated high school at 15, and became a licensed cosmetologist by 17.”
  • >> Dan DeMartis (he/him/his) | Digital Marketing (major) | “I’ve seen 30 Broadway shows.”
  • >> Joanna Jacobsen (she/her/hers) | Early Childhood/Childhood Education (major) | “I ran a half marathon!”
  • >> Maddy Maxwell (she/her/hers) | Personality and Social Psychology (major) | “I have done dance for eight years.”
  • >> Kiersten McGovern (she/her/hers) | Criminal Justice (major) | “When I was 16, I rescued a little boy from drowning while working as a lifeguard.”
  • >> Jack Needham (he/him/his) | Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (major) | “I’ve visited 11 of the 30 MLB ballparks, and Yankee Stadium is still superior.”
  • >> Peace Oji (she/her/hers) | Nursing (major) | “I love cooking and anything crafty.”
  • >> Jj Perdido (he/him/his) | Digital Journalism (major) | “I’m an aspiring news anchor.”
  • >> Brian Powell (he/him/his) | Health Science, Pre-Physicians Assistant (major) | “I auditioned for The Voice.”
  • >> Hailey Schnell (she/her/hers) | Nursing (major) | “I studied abroad in Amsterdam.”
  • >> Ness Tabaru (she/her/hers) | Chemistry (major) | “I am currently binge-watching The Vampire Diaries.”

NYC Campus

  • >> Jillian Angelini (she/her/hers) | Communications (major) | Politics (minor) | “I lived on a ship before a pandemic came and made me go home ;) :(”
  • >> Reynaldo Dallas (he/him/his) | Hotel Hospitality and Tourism Management (major) | “I'm obsessed with caffeine free teas and I'll probably drink more than 10 cups per day.”
  • >> Emily Dodaro (she/her/hers) | Communication Studies (major) | Arts and Entertainment Management (minor) | “I have worked front of house at four different Broadway shows.”
  • >> Karl Eshwer (he/him/his) | Computer Science (major) | Economics (minor) | “Oktoberfest aficionado!”
  • >> Jade Flanagan (she/her/hers) | Criminal Justice (major) | “I have read Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Presentence Report.”
  • >> Aissatou Gningue (she/her/hers) | Accounting and Political Science (major) | Pre-Law (minor) | “I was born in Senegal!”
  • >> Zaineb Hamdeh (she/her/hers) | Applied Psychology and Human Relations (major) | Sociology and Anthropology (minor) | “I have a minor addiction to chocolate chip cookies ... maybe not so minor.”
  • >> Riki Klaskin (she/her/hers) | Acting in the International Performance Ensemble and Film and Screen Studies (double major) | “I have six names including my nickname, last name, two Hebrew names, and more! But you can just call me Riki.”
  • >> Connor Jones (he/him/his) | Political Science (major) | “I can play four instruments!”
  • >> Sadie Lorence (she/her/hers) | Arts and Entertainment Management (major) | Planning on a Law (minor) | “I have never broken a bone!”
  • >> Ersa Lybesha (she/her/hers) | Political Science and Economics (double major) | “I met Danny Devito at a Bernie Sanders rally when I was 16 :)”
  • >> Mel Mihajlica (she/her/hers) | Communications Studies (major) | Philosophy (minor) | “I have the entirety of the Lorax by Dr. Suess memorized, cover to cover.”
  • >> Molli Anne Ng (she/her/hers) | Commercial Dance (major) | Peace and Justice Studies and considering Sociology/Anthropology (minor) | “In quarantine, I got a new puppy!”
  • >> Riley Pranian (she/her/hers) | Business Economics (major) | Arts and Entertainment Management (minor) | “I have dropped my phone off of the Brooklyn Bridge.”
  • >> Alexa Sabatini (she/her/hers) | Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science (double major) | “I’ve been to four continents :)”
  • >> Sammie or Sam (she/her/hers) | Film and Screen Studies (major) | Arts and Entertainment Management (minor) | “I was trained in dance for 11years.”
  • >> Hannah Schuh (she/her/they/them) | Modern Languages and Cultures (major) | “I have a bulldog puppy!”
  • >> Nate Shectman (he/him/his) | Advertising (major) | Graphic Design (minor) | “I can do some decent impressions.”
  • >> Sariah Thompson-James (she/her/hers) | Acting for Film, Television, Voiceover, and Commercials (major) | “I was born with 12 fingers.”