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Mental Health During COVID-19

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It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during periods of high stress. That’s why, with the help of the Counseling Centers, we’ve put together a quick list of self-care tips and resources to make each day more manageable. We’re here for you!

The current COVID-19 global pandemic has upended much of our daily routine and future plans. It’s only natural that we’re all feeling increased amounts of stress as we deal with these circumstances, and there are many ways to combat that anxiety and uncertainty—together. Try practicing the following self-care tips from the Pace Counseling Centers in order to make each day more manageable, productive, and self-nourishing:

  • >> Take time each day to unplug—even if it’s just for an hour. Let that be time for you.
  • >> Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Aim for eight hours and get creative about establishing a bedtime routine.
  • >> Get your heart rate up! Take a stroll outside or sign up for a virtual workout class.
  • >> Download self-care apps that offer mindfulness resources like coloring, journaling, and more.
  • >> Breathe. Practice proven stress management techniques that involve controlling your breath to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • >> Drink more water! This may seem obvious, but making sure you’re consistently hydrated can improve your mood and keep you focused.
  • >> Get grit. This is a unique planning tool for establishing what you want and achieving your goals—step by step.
  • >> Make an appointment with the Counseling Center. They’re here to help, and they’re only a phone call away.
  • >> Stay connected with family and friends by planning virtual events like Netflix watch parties, multiplayer games like Among Us, and FaceTime chats.
  • >> Protect yourself and others by wearing a mask when you’re in public spaces.

Don’t forget: Pace’s Just in Case App is also a great resource for connecting you with many support services you might need, including important mental health information. You’re not alone. We’re here to help!