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First-gen student Natasha Fallen ’23 is ambitious: she’s pursuing a BBA/MBA in Public Accounting, worked as the HR manager for the Pace Perk Café, and acted as a mentor for several programs, but did you know she also played a lead role in Les Misérables?

It means a lot for Natasha Fallen ’23 to be at Pace. “I’m a first-generation student alongside my twin brother,” she told us. “I’m so lucky to have my parents’ support in everything that I do!” And she’s taking full advantage of everything our University has to offer, too. Fallen is currently pursuing a combined BBA/MBA degree in Public Accounting—that’s 150 credits. Not to mention her minor in mathematics. That’s no small feat for anyone! It was Pace’s unique offerings for business savvy students that really caught her eye, though.

Despite the other colleges she visited, “I always came back to the opportunities I could have here as a business major. I learned about the student-run businesses, and that was mainly what made me want to come [to Pace].” Fallen was the senior human resources manager for the Pace Perk Café, which is one of the most successful student-run businesses on the PLV Campus. “I started out as an assistant operations manager,” she told us. “And [I] was lucky enough to be promoted to chief operating officer. I got into HR after seeing what the HR manager at the time was doing, and [I] wanted to be as involved as he was.”

From there, Fallen rose up the ranks to senior human resources manager, an incredibly demanding role that served her well in the classroom, too. “Before I even started taking my accounting classes, I was already reaching income statements and balance sheets. You really do learn the ins and outs of the business.” With her extensive experience making executive business decisions and working with a team, Fallen has proven herself not just at Pace, but in interviews for internships as well. “I wouldn’t be able to get [that] anywhere else,” she said. She’s also worked as a campus tour guide as well as a student assistant for the Honors College, two roles that require leadership ability, which Fallen has in spades.

But everyone has to start somewhere, and for Fallen, that was with three communities on-campus: the Honors College, the Setters Leadership Program (SLP), and AALANA Mentorship Program (which stands for African-American, Latino, Asian, and Native American). “They’ve really shown me what it takes to be a mentor,” Fallen said. She has led by example as the Lubin School of Business’ student ambassador for the Student Government Association, too, which she called an incredibly rewarding experience. “I always take into consideration leading by example, [and] I always try to look out for the people around me.” She also credited the “amazing group of people” she got to work with during her tenure, which made it all worth it.

For all her leadership roles on the PLV Campus, these weren’t Fallen’s first moments in the spotlight. She used to take the stage, too—literally! “I’ve performed in 12 musical and two plays. My biggest role [was] Cosette in Les Misérables,” Fallen explained. No wonder she seems so at home in work that necessitates confidence, creativity, adaptability, and teamwork.

We’re so excited to see where Fallen goes next in her career both here at Pace and beyond. Clearly, she’s ready for bigger and better things, and we’ll be cheering her on the whole way!

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