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Middle States: The Accreditors Are Coming!

News Story

Everything you need to know for the upcoming site visit, beginning March 31.

Middle States: A Refresher 

The Middle States Self-Study is a two-year process begun in Fall 2016 that culminates in a visit by a team of peer reviewers from March 31–April 3, 2019. The peer reviewers will be engaging the entire Pace Community during their visit. This is an important opportunity to engage in a comprehensive self-assessment of how effectively Pace implements its mission and vision, evaluate our assessment practices, and review our compliance with federal and state regulations.

The Visit

During the visit, team members will ask to meet with members of the Pace Community. Open forums for faculty, students, and staff will be held on Monday, April 1, and Tuesday, April 2.

How Can You Best Prepare? 

To prepare for the visit, download and read the Self-Study. It is the story of Pace and all the great work we do here, and how we can continue to improve. Log in with your Pace credentials to get your copy, see the members of the evaluating team, and check out the FAQs.

For further preparation, we encourage you to watch the Middle States Self-Study video. By the end of the video, we invite you to consider, and be able to answer, the following questions: 

  • >> What is Pace’s mission? 
  • >> How is the spirit of Pace’s mission reflected in what you do?
  • >> In what ways does Pace support student success?
  • >> What is Pace doing to assure a campus environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and increasingly diverse? 
  • >> How do you describe the institution to prospective students?
  • >> What is the most significant change since you have been here?
  • >> If someone gave Pace $1 million, how would you recommend it be spent? 
  • >> What do you know about Middle States Accreditation? 

Questions? For additional information regarding Middle States, please visit their website.