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Middle States Is Here!

News Story

Please join us in welcoming the Middle States Evaluating Team, who will be on campus now through Wednesday, April 3. Need a quick refresher on what you might be asked? We have just the guide for you.

The Middle States Evaluating Team has arrived! They are on campus Sunday, March 31–Wednesday, April 3, 2019. We are excited to have them here to learn about Pace University, and to hear from our students, faculty, and staff. Please join us when the team presents their preliminary findings at the following date, time, and locations:

Wednesday, April 3, at 10:00 a.m.
Law School, Tudor Room
NYC Campus, Bianco Room
PLV Campus, Gottesman Room
Valhalla, Summit 53

Need a refresher on what you might be asked? Take a look at our quick guide:

  1. >> What is Pace’s mission? Opportunitas, or taking advantage of opportunities at the right time.
  2. >> How does Pace support student success? With a low faculty-student ratio, academic support, and an innovative alumni mentoring program.
  3. >> What does being accredited mean? Pace meets quality standards and Pace students and faculty are eligible t receive federal and state grants.
  4. >> How do Pace students learn in the real world? Internships, research, performances, on-campus jobs, studying abroad, and being a student leader. Pace students do it all!