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The Multitalented Artist

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Both in front of and behind the camera, Nicholas Merlau ’21 is always creating art. He’s an actor, screenwriter, musician, photographer, and he’s even into longboarding—not to mention investing in stocks.

Acting. Singing. Playing the guitar and harmonica. Photography. Screenwriting. Longboarding. Double majoring. That’s right: along with his many talents and creative interests, Nicholas Merlau ’21 is double majoring in both English language and literature as well as film and screen studies.

Clearly, hard work isn’t intimidating for Nicholas. “I’m very focused on myself, so it never feels like I have struggles trying to juggle my hobbies, having fun with friends, family, school, and work,” he told us. “Basically, I just have to prioritize certain things over others, but I appreciate everything much more if I don’t try to cram it all in my schedule. This way I can keep my life in the fast lane.”

That’s part of what attracted him to the busy NYC Campus. “Pace is an artsy school, but at the same time a business school, which is nice to be exposed to different career paths to see what else I might want to do in the future,” he explained. It’s an advantage that definitely gives him an edge—especially when it comes to his interest in screenplays. “I was terrified to write scripts, so I chose my concentration to be in creative writing,” Nicholas said. And his passion for the arts doesn’t stop there.

Nicholas is also an actor! He’s signed with the Glitter Talent Agency for Commercials and Print Ads and has performed in Pace student films. He even landed a spot on the 2020 HBO miniseries The Plot Against America, which he says was one of his favorite acting experiences. “I was a ‘Wedding Guest’ character that got to be on screen and clap his hands for probably 15 seconds, but I [was] in heaven on that film set,” Nicholas told us.

It might come as a surprise to learn that for all his successes, he’s actually a shy person. “I’d love the opportunity to have a role that involves complete dedication so I’m given the space to make some outrageous decisions that may or may not work,” he explained.

He also takes risks in other areas, too—like investing in stocks. “My brother, who is 10 years older than me, suggested that I should invest in stocks. So I did it!” We asked whether the experience inspired him to consider an altogether different line of work someday. Ever adaptable, Nicholas is keeping his options open. “I am interested in business and have seriously considered being a stockbroker. I feel like I’d be good at that.”

We’re excited to celebrate all Nicholas’ achievements come Commencement this spring! Looking ahead, he’s eager to start traveling as soon as he’s able. The destinations on his bucket list are: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, and France. “I’ve never really traveled extensively before,” he enthused. “I’m excited to see the world, meet new people, find new passions, and have some fun!”

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