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On the Pace Path: A Q&A with Brian Evans

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To kick off our series of monthly features, Pace Path Coordinator Brian Evans breaks down the Pace Path and answers some frequently asked questions.

Is the Pace Path new? Am I on it? Can I take a detour?

For first-year students taking UNV 101 and creating your Four Year Plan or sophomores who are working one-on-one with your alumni mentors or engaging in experiential learning, you’ve already embarked on your Pace Path.

But for upperclassmen, you may be less clear on what the Pace Path is—it’s a new initiative that began in fall 2014, but also part of our history of educating thinking professionals.

According to Brian Evans, assistant provost for experiential learning and Pace Path coordinator, it’s a program “designed to develop specific student strengths through academics, activities, mentoring, and experiential learning.”

In this Q&A with Evans, you’ll find out more about the Pace Path and get answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

What are the basic requirements and elements of the Pace Path? How do I know if I’m “on it”?
All Pace students are on the Pace Path, but it was more fully developed for the class that entered in fall semester 2014. We have been adding more structure to the Pace Path as we go forward. The requirements of the Pace Path are primarily in the academic and graduation requirements designated by department faculty for each major. Additionally, academic advising is a critical component of the Pace Path. The Pace Path is flexible so that students can integrate their co-curricular activities and experiential learning they choose to do into their own Pace Path plans.

How will the Pace Path help me throughout my four years at Pace and after graduation?
Students typically begin their academic careers at Pace through creating a Four Year Plan in their UNV 101 class. This plan is flexible and grows with the students as they progress toward graduation. The Pace Path is intended to serve students during their time at Pace and beyond in their careers and life. The Pace Path prepares students to function as thinking professionals and leaders in their fields. It gives students an advantage in their professional careers and/or further academic study.

What is 4PD? Are the workshops mandatory? Why should I take them?
The 4PD stands for the Pace Path Personal and Professional Development series. The purpose is to provide students with interactive workshop sessions in which they benefit from the experience of the presenters who are Pace faculty, staff, alumni, among others in the Pace Community. The sessions are aligned with Pace Path learning goals and objectives. The 4PD speakers are invited into undergraduate classrooms by Pace faculty.

I’m not sure exactly what I want to do or where I want to be in four years. Can I update my plan later on? If I switch my major, do I need to start all over again?
Yes, students are certainly encouraged to update their Four Year Plans that they created in UNV 101 over their four years at Pace. The student’s adviser is the person who helps adapt the Four Year Plan to needed changes and interests. Faculty can have a role in this process as well. Changing majors does not require students to start over again. Much of the experience students gain from the Pace Path are transferable skills into many different areas.

I’m a freshman, and I’m not sure what resources or classes are available to help me reach each goal on my four-year plan. Who can help me understand what resources are available to me at Pace?
The primary point-person for the Four Year Plan is your UNV 101 instructor. The instructor not only serves as the course instructor, but in many cases also serves as the freshman year adviser, and in some cases beyond freshman year.

Stay tuned each month for a new Pace Path feature in The Pulse.

For more information, visit the Pace Path website.