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Pace-OPoly: Cultural/Social

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From Latin flavor to rainbow pride, Pace has more than 20 cultural student organizations to choose from!

Black Student Union (BSU) (NYC and PLV): promotes diversity, leadership, enhances skills, and promotes unity amongst members and the community. The Black Student Union strives to enhance the Pace University community by unifying African American students as well as students of different cultures and backgrounds who possess the common goal of respect and understanding of each other’s differences. Active on both campuses! (OrgSync NYC | OrgSync PLV)

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) (PLV): provides regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pray, all in a group setting. (OrgSyncFacebook)

Caribbean Student Association (CSA) (NYC): promotes diverse activities for the Caribbean student body. CSA fosters cultural awareness through exchanging ideas and brings awareness of current issues. From Patois classes to date auctions to their wildly popular annual CariCulture concert, you’re going to want to check CSA out. E-mail them at (OrgSync)

Christian Fellowship at Pace (NYC): provides students the opportunity to pursue their faith and fellowship and connect with other students on the NYC Campus. E-mail them at (OrgSync)

CIAO-Collegiate Italian American Organization (NYC): for the Italian-Americans of Pace, along with anyone interested in Italian culture. From Festa Italia to bake sales to Italian cinema movie nights, e-mail them at

Commuter Advisory Board (PLV): designed to build community between the commuter and residential students at Pace. CAB shall ensure that they recognize the needs of commuter students and formulate methods to address those needs by working with the Pace Community; and provide educational, social, and recreational services designed to meet the needs of commuter students in accordance with the Pace University mission statement. (OrgSync)

Desi Heritage of Southeast Asia (DHOSA) (PLV): provides social and cultural activities for South Asian students, along with the entire Pace Community, and cultivates the rich cultural heritage of South Asia by raising awareness about the region. (OrgSync)

Generation Citizen at Pace University (NYC): a chapter of Generation Citizen, which encourages the student body to be active citizens, by giving back to local communities throughout the New York metro area. In doing so, students are encouraged to apply for a non-paid position as either a Democracy Coach or a Civic Ally. (OrgSyncFacebook | Twitter | Instagram)

Hillel (NYC): dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all Jewish college students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. From Shabbat Extravaganzas to Israeli dancing to lectures and lunch and learns, Pace Hillel has the events to fill up your calendar this semester. (OrgSyncFacebook)

International Student Club (NYC): helps to create a feeling of world fellowship by assisting one another to better understand each other’s cultures. The International Student Club is open to all students and often hosts field trips, soccer matches, movie nights, and more. E-mail them at (OrgSync)

Lavender Ladies (NYC): an environment where women who love women feel safe and supported by their peers. This organization seeks to bring visibility to queer women on campus and inspire pride among women at Pace who may otherwise feel isolated from their peer group. (OrgSync)

Muslim Students Association (NYC): strives to form a healthy and socially aware Pace Community composed of Muslims and non-Muslims. MSA plans to host many charity events to help give back to society, which is also a perfect medium to showcase the hallmark of Islam. MSA will discuss any issue which concerns a member of the MSA, free of any implied stigma surrounding the stigma, and will explore and highlight many different aspects of Islam but will never force religious ideologies onto anyone. (OrgSync | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat @msapacenyc)

Muslim Student Association (PLV): serves as a uniting forum for Muslim students from diverse backgrounds. In the past, students have participated in lectures, short films and discussions, and more. (OrgSync)

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) (PLV): seeks to empower the Latino/a community and shares Latin culture with the Pace Community. E-mail them at (OrgSync | Instagram)

Pace Stonewall Coalition (NYC): encourages students to come together to stop hate by sharing differences, voicing difficulties, spreading gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender awareness, as well as awareness of diversity not only of sexual orientation, but of race, gender, class, and culture. In the past, the group has participated in the New York AIDS Walk, Day of Silence, LGBTQA Fair, workshops, lectures, and more. E-mail Stonewall at (OrgSync)

Pride at Pace (formerly Gay Straight Alliance) (PLV): provides a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth and their straight allies and in the past has organized events for Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, and trips to the National Equality March in Washington, DC. E-mail them at (OrgSync)

SABOR Latino (NYC): promotes Latino culture through their very own dance team. SABOR is more than just flavor. It stands for Sabiduria. Amistad. Bondad. Orgullo. Respeto. E-mail them at (OrgSync)

Shakti Dance Team (NYC): represents talent and artistic minds that have been molded together into one unified masterpiece. From hip hop to Bollywood to classical, the Shakti Dance Team is bringing their moves all over both campuses and beyond, with performances at other universities and invitationals. To see them in action, click here. (OrgSync)

Student Veterans of America (NYC and PLV): is dedicated to meeting the needs of the veteran student population at Pace. Veteran students meet to discuss events, challenges and successes at Pace, and work to affect change. (OrgSync NYC | OrgSync PLV)

Students of Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) (PLV): promotes Caribbean awareness by engaging in social, cultural, and educational events. From Caribbean Jeopardy! to fashion shows to their famous Rep Yuh Flag party, SOCA is heating up the Westchester Campus. E-mail them at (OrgSyncFacebook)

United Chinese Student Association (UCSA) (NYC): promotes and supports diversity in the Pace Community and interest in Chinese culture and heritage. In the past UCSA has hosted events including Pace Inter-Collegiate Karaoke (PICK), bubble tea socials, movie and game nights, and more. Visit their website for more info.

Is your organization missing from this list? E-mail us!