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Pace Path Series: A Q&A with Brian Evans

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Pace Path Coordinator and Assistant Provost for Experiential Learning Brian Evans shares his views on the Pace Path and answers questions for faculty and staff.

If you haven’t already heard, the Pace Path is a new way of looking at the college experience at Pace University, but what exactly does that mean? According to Brian Evans, EdD, assistant provost for experiential learning and Pace Path coordinator, the Pace Path is a program “designed to develop specific student strengths through academics, activities, mentoring, and experiential learning.” The following Q&A with Evans seeks to shed light on different aspects of the Pace Path, ways you as a faculty or staff member can get involved, and dispel any confusion surrounding this new University initiative.

As a faculty or staff member, what is my specific role in the Pace Path and how can I familiarize myself with the Pace Path overall?
My view is that all faculty and staff have a role in developing the Pace Path for our students as we support them in their personal, academic, and professional aspirations. In addition to facilitating classroom learning, faculty also serve as mentors, advisers, and research partners for many students. Faculty and staff can better acquaint themselves with the Pace Path by talking with other members of the Pace Community and by using the Pace Path website. We have been communicating the Pace Path to the Pace Community and will continue to do so.

Are faculty required to become advisers, mentors, or activity supervisors for students on the Pace Path? How do I become one?
Faculty have always been advisers for students within their departments, and faculty have always chosen to be mentors through their own interactions with their students. Any faculty member can serve this function for our students, and it’s great that so many already do.

Do I need to change my curriculum and syllabus to align with elements of the Pace Path?
The Pace Path serves as a way to capture what we do well already at Pace, and also serves as a lens to examine our current practices and make changes, if we would like, in regard to Pace Path learning goals and objectives. Faculty are fortunate to have the academic freedom to use their professional judgements in regard to how to best facilitate students learning and growth.

I want to teach a 4PD workshop. How can I arrange that?
Please contact me at in order to arrange one or more 4PD sessions.

If I have questions about the Pace Path, or my specific school or college’s vision of the Pace Path, who should I speak to?
Each school and college has several Pace Path representatives, as well as its own vision and expression of the Pace Path on the Pace Path website. Just like students who plan their time on the Pace Path using their Four Year Plans, the schools and colleges will likely adapt their own Pace Path plans for their students over time. It’s very exciting to be part of that and I believe many faculty would enjoy collaborating on that process. Faculty can simply reach out to the school and college representatives if they wish to be involved on the Pace Path. Additionally, we have a new initiative for faculty to submit proposals in order to best help us raise funding for Pace Path initiatives within the schools and colleges. More information on this can be found by contacting me at

Stay tuned each month for a new Pace Path Corner in Opportunitas. For more information visit the Pace Path website.