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Got a great business idea? Think you can pitch it in under three minutes? Register to compete for the 14th Annual Pace Pitch Contest by Monday, March 19, for a chance to win $1,000!

Have an idea for a new business concept or social venture? Your fellow Setters registered to pitch it in under three minutes, and the finalists have been announced! You can catch all the action at Pace's 14th Annual Pace Pitch Contest, where the first prize is $1,000. Mark your calendars:

Thursday, April 19, 2018
5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
Bianco Room

You'll get a chance to watch as another Pace business venture gets launched. Here are the finalists!

Name: AngelEats

Description: To combat food waste, AngelEats bridges the gap between restaurants and nonprofits to provide food to people in need. Restaurants will post their extra food on the app, then nonprofit organizations such as orphanages and homeless shelters can register to pick up the food from the restaurants. This establishes a connection between two groups and offers an opportunity to feed hundreds of starving people. Read more about AngelEats!

Name: Arogyaa

Description: Arogyaa is an application that maintains the medical history of a patient, and coordinates with different doctors. It also alerts the family doctor in case of cardio emergencies. In rural areas and underdeveloped nations, where health care is scarce, Arogyaa would go a long way toward eradicate diseases. Read more about Arogyaa!

Name: Cuddlefish

Description: Individuals in underdeveloped regions of the world with no access to banking facilities can find it difficult to borrow money to buy seeds for crops, tractors and farming equipment, and home appliances. As these people have no collateral and no credit history, the only option they have is to save the amount required to buy the product. Cuddlefish would build credit profiles of borrowers on its platform, which would make them more reliable and trusted by traditional banks. Read more about Cuddlefish!

Name: iCards

Description: Trading cards have been collected and enjoyed by young and old individuals for years. In the digital age, this pastime has been on the decline because of its traditionally physical nature. Our new app, iCards, seeks to revolutionize the game by drawing parallels to industries that have seen a revival (like vinyl records). It would be designed as a universal platform for card trading and collecting, bridging the gap between different users with varying interests. Read more about iCards!

Name: Redact

Description: Considering the high expense of legal representation and the lack of knowledge regarding ever-changing criminal laws in the State of New York, many individuals believe they have no choice but to carry a criminal record for the rest of their lives. Redact is the answer to criminal convictions. Redact would be a web-based presence in which individuals can provide information to determine whether or not they are eligible to have their record sealed. After that determination is made, the person would have the opportunity to apply for the sealing to be done for free. Read more about Redact!

Name: RockBox

Description: Imagine coming home from a long day of work to find a box with all the ingredients needed to build a crafted cocktail! RockBox delivers handmade cocktails from all over the world to the customers’ doorstep. With monthly subscriptions, customers will be provided with the alcohol, bitters, mixers and fresh produce needed to create their own boozy beverage. Read more about RockBox!

Name: Sylvian Hyde

Description: Menswear almost feels like a sideshow in the fashion industry. The modern man is now increasingly demanding for options in styling and aesthetics. Sylvian Hyde offers ready-to-wear men’s apparel as well as custom and bespoke design services. In the future, the brand plans to gradually expand the product offering to menswear accessories such as belts, bags, shoes, and later, a women’s line. Read more about Sylvian Hyde!

Name: Wotopa

Description: Ever wanted an online space for students that isn’t as formal as LinkedIn nor as casual as Facebook? A space that lets you look at things creatively, be it selling that greeting card you made or donating the book that changed your life? Wotopa is a seamless marketplace and social media website that helps students buy and sell products and services, network, and exchange information. Read more about Wotopa!

Name: @Pace 

Description: Before attending Pace, founders Kenneth and Stephanie Okereke found that the tours conflicted with their schedules. Moreover, upon arrival, they were unfamiliar with the layout of the campus. @Pace will be created to help students (i.e. incoming freshman, transfer students, international students, and current students) virtually navigate their way through campus. Read more about @Pace!