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The Pace Race

News Story

Join the Pace Community in support of small projects with a big impact. The Pace Race has started. On your mark, get set, give!

This is a race you don’t have to lace up your sneakers for.

On April 1, Pace University’s Annual Giving team launched Pace Race, a month-long marathon of giving. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and the rest of the community are asked to join the Pace team and help improve lives through innovation, inspire social change, and more.

This crowdfunding initiative highlights a variety of small projects that have a big impact on the Pace Community.

>> Expand, strengthen, and diversify our student body by providing scholarships.
>> Fund a learning and teaching platform that makes coding collaborative, creative, and encouraging for beginners.
>> Enhance the student experience by transforming Pleasantville.
>> Support the Pace Economics Team's continued participation in the College Fed Challenge, which the team took first place at in 2014.
>> Expose students to international politics by helping the award-winning Pace Model UN team attend national conferences.
>> Provide opportunities for externships, clinics, and moot courts for Environmental Law students.
>> Enrich the educational curriculum by giving students the opportunity to gain international experience through field study courses throughout the world.
>> Prepare student-athletes for success outside of the classroom through leadership development training.

Remember: Your gift, no matter its size, is an investment in the future of our University community.