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News Story

Pace students team up to save America’s fiscal future as part of a national campus competition. One cause, one team.

On January 25, Pace students from a variety of majors, clubs, and backgrounds joined together as one team for one cause: Up to Us, a national competition that empowers students to educate their peers on the United States’ long-term debt, how it could affect their economic opportunities, and what their generation can to do to be a voice and inspire collective action.

Pace University has been accepted to compete among 24 schools around the nation, including Duke, NYU, and UC Berkeley, to build a movement that engages and educates our university on America’s long-term fiscal and economic challenges.

Our nation’s debt affects each and every one of us. Only by understanding the consequences of allowing our national debt to grow, can we begin to advocate for change.

To emerge successful, it is imperative that we work as a single entity, both as a university and a country. Whether we find our differences in our fields of study or our political alliances, it is up to us to set those differences aside.

As a university, we may not be able to single-handedly solve our country’s issues. Although we recognize that the solution to any such issue begins not with a bill proposal, but with an educated, non-partisan call for collaboration.

The group is hosting a series of events, including a roundtable discussion with an economist on February 13, one with a politician on February 20, a media panel on February 18, and a keynote speaker on February 24, as well as contests, where prizes include winning a free week of Starbucks coffee.

The overall winning university team will be awarded cash prizes and be invited to attend the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University, where they will be recognized by President Clinton.

For more information, visit Pace Up to Us on Facebook.

Need some more incentive? Watch The Future of America in 60 Seconds, a video created by Pace Up to Us students on how the U.S. will affect us in the future.