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The Pace Unplugged competition has a winner. The residence hall who flexed their power and took energy conservation to a new level of efficiency is…

Congratulations to Hillside House: the official winner of the inaugural Pace Unplugged Energy Conservation Competition!

Over the course of the competition, Pace Pleasantville and Briarcliff student-residents saved 20,032 kWh of electricity. This amounts to 13.8 metric tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) being kept out of our atmosphere, the equivalent of 14,832 pounds of coal not being burned, or 1,553 gallons of gas not being consumed, or saving 32 barrels of oil.

By reducing their energy use, Pace Unplugged participants sequestered the same amount of CO2 as planting 354 trees.

Hillside’s 86 residents, through efforts that included unplugging electronics and shutting off unneeded lights, were able to reduce their energy use throughout the entire four-week competition, the only hall able to successfully do so. Special congratulations to the residents of New Dorm, who earned 2nd place through their efforts.

Pace Unplugged is part of Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies’ annual education initiative, The Gen En Campaign. The competition, with six competing residence halls, including Martin, North, Dow, Valley, New Dorm, and HoJo, was the product of GreenPace Sustainability Committee intern Haylei Peart’s (’17) ENV 380 project. A special thank you to Pace’s Energy Manager, Bill Batina, for making the project possible.

In recognition of their achievement, Pace Academy will be entering Hillside community residents into a raffle for five gift cards worth between $50 and $200.

Thank you to all those who participated. Please continue to live consciously and sustainably, so that we can see these positive unplugged-impacts add up for Pace, and our planet!