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Pace Unplugged (PLV)

News Story

This is the story of six teams picked to live in their residence halls, go to school, and save energy. Find out what happens when they unplug their devices and start going green: Pace Unplugged PLV and BRC Residence Hall Energy Competition.

How much energy do you use? Unplug, save energy, and win prizes with the Pace Unplugged PLV and BRC Residence Hall Energy Competition.

It’s time to unplug your energy vampires! Pace Unplugged is a Pleasantville and Briarcliff residence hall competition, coordinated by Pace environmental studies major and GreenPace intern Haylei Peart ’17 for her ENV 380 project, and designed to raise student awareness on energy consumption.

Beginning on March 27, residence hall electric meters will be read weekly through April 19, monitoring energy reduction. Residents in the hall with the most energy use reduction will be eligible to win prizes. Students can participate by making small, lasting changes to their daily routines, like unplugging their electronics when they are not in use and turning the lights off when they leave the room. 

By reducing energy consumption, students can help make their residence halls and Pace University a greener, more energy efficient place to call home.

More information is available on Twitter at @PaceUnplugged.