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PACEspectives: Advice for the Class of 2021

News Story

With a new class coming to campus in a few week's time, we asked the Pace Community what advice they'd give to a younger, eager version of themselves about to embark on an unforgettable undergraduate experience.

It's about that time again. The Class of 2021 is ready to embark on their own unique journey along the Pace Path. We here at Opportunitas asked some members of the Pace Community what they wish they knew when they were fresh-faced youngsters about to enter their first year of undergraduate study. And now, some PACEspectives:

“Exercise daily! It improves mood, appetite, sleep, memory, as well as attention and concentration.”

Richard Shadick, PhD
Director of Counseling Center
New York City Campus

“Have fun, network, and make sure to challenge yourself personally. However, do not over extend yourself and let your GPA suffer—because the more your GPA dips, the harder it is to bring it back up.”

—Christopher Cherestal
Staff Associate, Special Events
New York City Campus

“Take things slow and steady. Find time for you and do something that makes you happy like taking a spin class or volunteering for a campaign or for a cause you are passionate about. There are great opportunities both on and off campus to get involved, make a difference, and meet new people who have similar interests. There will be a lot going on your first few months here, always remember that Pace is here for you, no matter what!”

—Vanessa Herman
Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations
UNV 101 Professor

“Don’t just think of college as a series of courses. It’s a unique opportunity to explore and discover, experiment and evaluate, to be challenged and to grow. Some of these opportunities can be found in the classroom, many others are not. Seek them out.”

—Bruce Bachenheimer
Professor and Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab
Lubin School of Business 

“Work hard, play hard, nap hard (very important), and don’t shy away from going out of your comfort zone. Be open and flexible to things that deviate from your 'plan'—your Pace Path and general path in life should be open to twists and turns, some of which will be refreshingly pleasant!”

—Caitlin Grand
Pace Path Marketing and Communications Manager

“Make as many friends as you can. Build yourself a strong support system. Your college friends can help you ace classes through study groups and offer any advice on personal issues you may have. Learn to ask for and accept help when you need it.”

—Peter Espinal
Social Media Coordinator

"Manage your time. Either electronically, or with a pen and paper.”

—Malcolm Reynolds '18
Student, Pleasantville Campus

"During your first week on campus, look around, listen, and observe. The next four years of your life is the most challenging part of your college life. This campus is your new home away from home. Get comfortable and don’t be shy to meet new friends. Get involved with any activities in and out of school arena. But always remember that your main support system is your family first, your new friends second, and finally the faculty and staff.

Most of all, to survive the next four years of college, a student must be able to plan objectives, organize how schoolwork is very much intertwined with your personal activities, take the lead in any activities, and control any issues that may come up. With proper planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, you are developing a good discipline between your school work and personal life. A kind of discipline that will carry you through not just during your college life but also beyond into your future working life.

Enjoy every moment of your college days! Four years will go by fast and by the time you know it, you’re off into your next phase of adulthood."

—Chris Ramos
Executive Director of the Arts and Entertainment Management Program
Lubin School of Business