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Peking at Pace (NYC)

News Story

The New York Chinese Opera Society and the Confucius Institute at Pace University are bringing Peking Opera to Pace as they host the Seventh Annual Winter Cultural Exchange Festival on December 6 and 8.

The flagship event of the New York Chinese Opera Society (NYCOS), this year’s Winter Cultural Exchange Festival will be held on Friday, December 6, and Sunday, December 8 at Pace's Schimmel Center.  The yearly festival brings authentic Peking Opera performances to fans in the New York area, greatly enriching their cultural lives and generating positive community engagement.  This year's festival will feature renowned Peking Opera stars from all over the world performing in this year’s festival, including Mr. Jianguo Zhang (Beijing, China); Mr. Yanyi Yang (Toronto, Canada); Mr. Rujun Wu (Tokyo, Japan); Mr. Yang Li (Accompanist, China National Peking Opera Company, Beijing); and Mr. Bin Li (Drummer, China National Peking Opera Company, Beijing).

On Friday, December 6, at 7:00 p.m., four Peking Opera pieces will be presented: Goddess Showering Flowers from Heaven featuring Ms. Yingchun Li; Bringing up Mencius (excerpt) featuring Mr. Rujun Wu); Judge Bao Prosecuting a Corrupt Judge from Hell starring Mr. Yanyi Yang; and Poetic Justice (excerpts) starring Mr. Jianguo Zhang.  A reception will be held prior to the evening’s performances from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Schimmel Lobby. The Confucius Institute will present awards to the guest artists in recognition of their outstanding performances.  

On Sunday, December 8 at 2:00 p.m., the full version of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (starring Mr. Jianguo Zhang, Mr. Yanyi Yang, and Mr. Yuqing Wang) will be performed, preceded by a jinghu (spiked fiddle) solo by Mr. Rujun Wu.  

For tickets and more information about the operas or lectures, please contact NYCOS at (212)-227-2920 or or visit

About the New York Chinese Opera Society
The New York Chinese Opera Society, Inc. (NYCOS) is a nonprofit organization consisting of volunteers, opera admirers, trained artists, and musicians. We believe and appreciate that Chinese Opera, with its known historical significance, is an important and integral part of Chinese heritage. This art form that is so richly rooted in our culture is sorely in need of our support before it becomes a lost art. We also believe that through the efforts of organizations such as ours, the traditions of Chinese Opera, with its distinct style of music, singing, instrumentation and staging, can be preserved and enhanced.

About the Confucius Institute at Pace University
Located at the financial, civic, and cultural center of Manhattan, The Confucius Institute at Pace University is the first university-based institute of its kind in New York City. Founded in partnership with Nanjing Normal University and China’s Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, Pace’s Confucius Institute integrates pedagogical, scholarly, and professional expertise to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture and to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between people in the United States and China.