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Perfect Pitch (NYC)

News Story

Seven finalists are winding up their perfect pitches for a chance to score big at the 12th annual Pace Pitch Contest. See who knocks it out of the park on Thursday, April 14.

A volunteering app that uses geolocation to find projects, pop-up anime merchandise shops, an expandable suitcase, a calendar app for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, no-slip active swimwear, a smartphone and tablet keyboard for those with multiple sclerosis, an online mug club service. One of these budding business ideas will earn $1,000 in just three minutes if they can deliver the perfect precise presentation. Join these finalists on Thursday, April 14, from 5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m. in the Bianco Room at the 12th annual Pace Pitch Contest to see who’s taking home the top prize.

The Pace Pitch Contest is based on the elevator pitch concept, popular in the venture capital community. It is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and financial plan, which is delivered to potential investors. The premise is that it could be made in a few minutes, should the entrepreneur spot a potential investor on an elevator and have the opportunity to pitch their idea during the brief ride.

Each finalist will have exactly three minutes to pitch their new venture idea to a distinguished panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience. In addition to broad participation at Pace, we have been pleased to welcome student competitors from a number of other universities, including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, and Stanford.

This year’s keynote speaker is David Arabov ’12, co-founder and CEO of and Pace alumnus. While at Pace, he started his first business, Elite Daily, which is now one of the most popular sites among millennials. He first saw a void in the marketplace in the traditional media and came up with a different alternative, a medium that is diverse and a voice of this generation. By doing so he managed to create a platform that is disrupting the media as we know it. The site attracts millions of new users every month and employs more than 35 millennials.

For more information or to RSVP for the 12th annual Pace Pitch Contest, click here.