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Pitch Perfect Competition (NYC)

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Do you have a big media idea? Dreaming of the next big company, show, app, or platform? Pitch it by Friday, October 5, and you might win a cash prize!

Do you want the extraordinary opportunity to pitch your media idea to a jury of media executives who are tasked with green-lighting projects? Join us on November 2 for the One Day Immersion in Media, Entertainment and Technology conference, in association with Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, and enter our Pitch Perfect: ODI Edition media competition.

Submit your media idea for the One Day Immersion (ODI) Pitch Perfect competition. All entries will be reviewed by an all-star judging panel from the ODI pool of top media executives. The top six teams will present in person at this year’s ODI conference.

This year's conference theme is Navigating Disruption. Cool, right? We'll be talking about disruption throughout the course of the day, including career paths and how the industry stays competitive and on top.

This is an incredible opportunity to put yourselves in front of media executives, gain great experience in public speaking, build your confidence, and improve your ability to develop a clear message. Plus, your team could win up to $2,000.

All entries must be received by Friday, October 5, 2018. Teams can consist of two to four people. Please review the full list of guidelines and have fun!