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The Professor Is…Coming Back

News Story

Calling all students! Do you have a favorite professor you want the Pace Community to know more about? Do you want to earn a byline by sharing their story? If so, keep reading.

Pace professors do and teach amazing things. They study everything from nanomaterials to massive open online courses; they collaborate on research with students, mentor them, challenge them, and, in some cases, even change their lives; and we want to get to know them a little better.

Back from hiatus, we give you The Professor Is In, a Q&A column focusing on one faculty member at a time, interviewed and written by a student. Pace greats such as Professor Brian Evans, EdD; Associate Professor Claudia Green, PhD; and Professor Jim Lawler, DPS have participated to give the Pace Community a glimpse into what it’s like as head of the class and even their personal interests (like riding motorcycles).

This is a great opportunity for students looking to get published or to build their writing portfolios. All The Professor Is In articles will be published online and will include students’ bylines. So if there’s a professor that you’d like to read or write about, e-mail the editor Tiffany Lopes at