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English and Communications major Nicolina Barone ’24 has been writing as early as second grade, and she has her eye on an MS in Publishing. But did you know she’s been organizing a local cultural event with her family for years?

Nicolina Barone ’24 is set to attend Pace in the fall, and she has incredibly ambitious plans for her future. Not only has she decided to pursue a BA in English and Communications, but she also plans on earning an MS in Publishing as well. Talk about dreaming big! “As a young child, my mother read different books to me every single night, in turn resulting in my nose always buried deep in a book,” she explained.

As Barone grew older, her love for writing grew, too. She even started writing as early as second grade! That tremendous respect and appreciation for the written word was what sparked her interest in pursuing a career in publishing. “The author is just as important as the reader, who is just as significant as the editor,” she said. “I aspire to give others a voice in this world—to truly unite us all as one.”

Barone visited Pace searching for a sense of camaraderie and home, and she found it on the PLV Campus. “The second I stepped onto the campus for the very first time, I felt such a welcoming atmosphere around me,” Barone told us. She was delighted by the close-knit community, as well as its close proximity to the NYC Campus, where she will eventually be attending Dyson College’s well-known publishing program. “I pictured myself thriving at Pace, and the school giving me the best opportunities to truly be successful.”

Success is in the blood for Barone. Her family has been helping to organize the San Giuseppe feast in her local community for many years now. “[It’s] a long-standing tradition in my family; 104 years of marches, meatballs, and religious celebrations. This feast is the tie between my family in America and my family in Italy, and also a fundamental part of who I am,” she explained. The feast marks the celebration of Italian heritage as well as a commemoration of Saint Joseph. “It has instilled within me a sense of the interconnectedness of the world and the inherent desire in all people to belong to something,” she continued.

A speaker of several languages—English, Italian, and Spanish—Barone has a strong desire to one day travel the world and meet new people. “I want to explore the world, and travel to all the beautiful places on this Earth,” she told us. “I hope to learn more languages to further understand those around me and the many cultures in our world.” 

Barone also recently published her first poetry book, Serendipity, which is available on Amazon. It explores death, grief, loss, love, and “the understand[ing] that sometimes you must let go of the people [who] only cause your demise, despite the love you still long to give.” It’s clear she has a bright and busy future ahead of her as she embarks on the next chapter of her story.

This is a special edition of our student profile series! All summer, we’ll be featuring incoming Pace students who have exciting stories to share. If you’d like to be one of them, please read our interview guidelines.