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Q&A With Jonathan Hill

News Story

Interim Dean for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems Jonathan Hill, DPS, shares his hopes for the future of Seidenberg and what he expects from his time as dean in this thoughtful Q&A.

Earlier this semester, Pace University named Jonathan Hill, DPS, as the Interim Dean for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. Hill has been at the roots of Pace's flourishing Seidenberg community for more than a decade, beginning his career at Pace in 2003. He most recently served as the Associate Dean for the School as well as the Co-Director and Co-Founder of Pace’s STEM Collaboratory. As Dean, we’re sure that his passion and ingenuity in the field of technology will continue to advance the Seidenberg School for many more years to come. Here's what he had to say about his new appointment.

What are your top priorities in this new position?
Technology is at the heart of every academic discipline and professional calling and so the Seidenberg School is truly at the heart of Pace University. My two priorities are to be sure that every Pace student graduates with the technical skills to be successful in their chosen profession and that the Seidenberg School is a community that meets the needs of our students, faculty, alumni, and industry partners.

Where are some areas that Seidenberg is doing great?
Seidenberg is one of the top institutions in the area for cybersecurity research. We have a strong faculty, great students, and strong relationships with law enforcement and government cybersecurity professionals. That’s why we are a National Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity Education. We are also top notch at software engineering, web and mobile development, and information technology.

Any areas you’re hoping to improve upon?
Although we have a strong graduate software engineering program, we have been hampered in the past because Pace does not have an engineering school. We hope to offer undergraduate degrees in computer engineering and software engineering in the coming year.

One year down the road, what would you like people to be saying about Pace?
We want the Pace Community to have a Seidenberg School that they are proud of.

What’s the best thing about Seidenberg?
In Westchester and downtown, Seidenberg is a collaborative community that draws students and faculty from throughout Pace, from the technology industry and from all over the world to work together, play together, and develop better ways to use technology. As such, it is a wonderful environment to learn things and to build things.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
The Seidenberg School is growing dramatically. In part because our students are getting great jobs, in part because we have a welcoming collaborative environment that provides our students with opportunities to do research, to travel abroad, and to work on real life, industry projects that provide them with a great portfolio when they graduate.