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Interested in working with a faculty member on scholarly or creative research? Apply by May 16 for the Provost’s Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program.

Finding new strategies for the treatment of childhood diarrhea in developing countries. Evaluating Amazon ECHO as a tool to improve communication with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Analyzing the differences between conservative and liberal states' reporting of anti-LGBT violence. Growing cancer cells in 3-D to better understand the disease and further the development of a drug that targets cancer cells.

These are just a few of the topics students and faculty have been researching as part of the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program this year. Have a topic you’re passionate about and interested in working with a faculty member on? Apply to the Provost's Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program by May 16. 

Students and faculty with similar interests will work together on a research project over the course of summer 2016 or during the 20162017 academic year. Students apply with a professor through a joint application. A small stipend will be offered to each student participant.

This is the perfect opportunity to:

>> Work closely with a professor while gaining hands-on experience

>> Strengthen your research, critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills

>> Make connections in your academic field

>> Obtain additional areas of expertise to include on your resume

For more information, please contact Jennifer Crespo, program coordinator in the Division for Student Success, at