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Senior Advice: Rianna Chase

News Story

Graduating senior Rianna Chase '17 shares some of her Pace favorites and advice for the Class of 2021.

Arts and Entertainment Management and Quantitative Business Analysis double major Rianna Chase '17 is getting ready to walk the walk at Commencement this month. But before she does, she has some advice for the incoming Pace Class of 2021!

What’s something you wish someone had told you about your first week at Pace: Network immediately!

Favorite professor: Professor Chris Ramos. He really cares for students and will walk and help along your journey here at Pace.

Most interesting class: Religions of the Globe. Even though I had went to religious school for ten years of my life, I did not know that much about the start of different religions around the world. It was interesting to learn more about this topic and was a nice break from my usual business courses.

Something you wish you had spent more time doing: Spending quality time with the friends I have here. Now that we will be graduating, we will be splitting up around the nation and it will be harder to see each other. I would have loved to made more memories with these people.

Resource/office that helped you the most: Office of Housing and Residential Life

Favorite spot on campus: The Courtyard

Best club, org, or activity for incoming students: Current students should join clubs that interest them, and clubs that fall outside of their comfort zone! One organization I really enjoyed was Residence Hall Association as I was able to mingle with many other students that lived on campus, put to use my skills, and gain leadership experience at the same time.

Best way to prep for finals: The best way is to make time to study little by little every day and to also make time for yourself to not become stressed! Whether it’s taking a walk, hanging with friends, or watching Netflix, make sure to have some quality down time for yourself during these times.

Advice for the Class of 2021: Enjoy your time here at Pace! It really does fly by, and you can make great life lasting connections! College is what you make of it!

Have any last words? Leave a bit of your legacy behind for the incoming Class of 2021. Share your favorite memories at Pace and some of your parting words of wisdom for the Setters you are leaving behind! Fill out our survey at We'll share your stories!