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Senior Advice: Shalena Boca

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For business management major Shalena Boca, graduating ready for the real world was a top priority. From classes to clubs to Pace's Career Services, she shares how Pace helped her get connected and one step closer to achieving her dreams.

You may know Business Management major Shalena Boca from her popular YouTube videos where she talks about her Pace experience, but now, ready for the real world, she takes one more look back at how she got here.

What’s something you wish someone had told you about your first week at Pace: Check your Pace email! Our generation is accustomed to text messages and we tend to forget about emails. However, you have to remember that your professors and faculty will email you, not send you a text. If you don’t check your email especially the first week of college; you will not know about all the welcome events, and end up missing out on fun or meeting your favorite artist. Plus, you need to look out for campus safety updates, class cancellation notification, career fairs, and events. All kinds of important information will be sent to your Pace email.

Favorite professor: I’ve had several outstanding professors at Pace University. However, Professor [Andrew] Beran was my professor for calculus and I was not the best when it came to math but he made me love it. He’s a great mathematics professor who challenges all students and really wants every student to succeed. I came in as a student who struggled with calculus in high school and ended up leaving being one of the top five students in my class as an A student in college.

Most interesting class: My marketing class (MAR 250) was what inspired me to take marketing to the next level. My professor was interesting and informativeshe showed me a new world in the business field that I hadn’t before considered. Before taking MAR 250, I did not know exactly I wanted to doI just knew I loved business. However, this class is what made me chase my dream to be a public relations specialist. This class gave me the skills to be an ideal candidate for internships and jobs. So far I've received every internship and job I applied for because I knew more than what was expected because I took MAR 250.

Something you wish you had spent more time doing: I wish I spent time being involved in more leadership activities on campus. You learn a lot about yourself, how to communicate with others, deal with complex situations, and meet amazing people. Being involved on campus is much more rewarding because you become an active member of an organization, group, or club and will grow as a person.

Resource/office that helped you the most: Pace University Career Services is amazing! They taught me how to position myself to get internships and jobs. They helped me create a resume and cover letter, and with interview preparation. Also, they hold at least two career fairs each year to help student meet employers and receive positions. I’m so thankful I had Pace University Career Services on my side since freshman year of collegebecause of them I worked with Michael Kors, PromGirl, MSA Models, InternQueen, Teami NudeStix, Skinfix, and Terez.

Favorite spot on campus: Student Union. I love how everyone comes there to study, wait for their next class, and how the room changes when Pace holds events. I love to refer to it as "the magic room."

Best club, org, or activity for incoming students: I highly recommend joining a club for your major, such as Pace University Marketing Association (PUMA) so you can connect with other students with similar interests as you. You will also connect with upperclassmen who can give you recommendations for which professors to take and help you get an internship in your field.

Best way to prep for finals: Review your class notes everyday; take the time to organize lecture notes after class, adding key examples from course readings. Also, pay attention during every class because your professor will sometimes tell you about the exam and what will be and not be on the exam during each lesson. Most importantly, do not cram! Instead try studying for an hour every day for a week leading up to an exam.

What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you to help prepare you for your senior year of college: It is very important to think about where you see yourself after Commencement. You should research jobs or other opportunities. Reach out to Pace alumni on LinkedIn and ask them for advice or set up informational interviews. Reach out to your professors, talk to your advisors, talk to your friends, and be sure to let all your past and current internships know you are graduatingyou never know who’s hiring or who they can connect you with.

Advice for the Class of 2021: You should make the most of each day you spend at Pace University because the four years will fly by before you blink!

Have any last words? Leave a bit of your legacy behind for the incoming Class of 2021. Share your favorite memories at Pace and some of your parting words of wisdom for the Setters you are leaving behind! Fill out our survey at We'll share your stories!