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Senior Testimonial: Denika Desert

News Story

For graduating student Denika Desert, four years of Pace was filled with opportunity: clubs, Greek life, study abroad, and more...all leading to her next step: graduate school.

"I walked on to campus in fall 2010 as a freshman not knowing what I wanted to do in college but with only goal in mind, to take chance. Four years later I have done more than I ever thought I was able to do and gained so much out of it. Once thing Pace University has given me was opportunity, a chance to be involved and to become the student leader that I have become today. I was given pieces and tools, all I had to do was build my experience the way that I wanted it to go. Through club meetings and trainings I grew and something caught my attention, Greek life. Junior year, I became a sister of the Sigma Iota Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority Inc. and that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. As a graduate in May I will be transferring into a graduate chapter to continue the work of my organization. My letters are not just four years but they are seriously for life! I knew that I wanted to do. One thing I will never forget was taking the opportunity to be the first of my family to travel to Europe, in spring 2013 I went to Greece with Professor Catalano, a trip I will never forget! Being in clubs and organizations, living on campus, and attending different events I got to know some amazing people! But all good things must come to an end, I will be ending my undergraduate career and become a Pace alumna. I am ready for the next step in life, which is Fordham University for graduate school! Word of advice: GET INVOLVED, Step up, Explore, Question everything, and find the answers to your questions... You make your college experience!!!"

—Denika Desert '14
Criminal Justice
Dyson College of Arts and Science
Westchester Campus