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Senior Testimonials: Class of 2019

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Study abroad. Comedy clubs. Tour guides. Three graduating seniors share the experiences that fundamentally changed their time at Pace. Take our survey to share your story, too!

“Be open to anything from the entire Pace Community. Explore the various amounts of different clubs and partake in the fun activities that help connect you with more people [like] the Student Support System, which provides an extreme amount of help, [and] the Pace Sketch Comedy Club, because of the ability to create your own material and put on a show for the entire University to see—almost better than SNL! It’s a great way to meet fellow creators, too.”

Nico Amatullo
BFA Acting for Film, TV, Voiceovers, and Commercials (FTVC)
NYC Campus

“Try and get out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone! I became a tour guide my first semester and it changed my whole life at Pace. Get involved in all [that] you can! I highly recommend joining Student Government and applying to be an RA. These two experiences have given me so much! Also, the challenge to compete for your University is awesome, too. I had Mock Trial, but if Model UN, the Fed Team, or Brand Marketing is more your style, then go for it. I’m a Capricorn so I love competition, but it is still really awesome!”

Servando Martinez
Criminal Justice and Communications
NYC Campus

“The Study Abroad Club is an organization that brings in people from all over the world to learn cultural differences, and to foster the minds of those who wish to spend a significant amount of time in a country of their choice. In the past, we have had students who have studied abroad and have left [the US] for the first time with a positive mindset. Our hope is that the number of students who choose to travel abroad keeps growing every year. Having traveled abroad five times as an undergraduate student, I went to Ecuador, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.”

David Sharif
Political Science
NYC Campus

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