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Seniors share memories, advice, and other fond thoughts as their time as Pace undergraduates draws to a close.

And just like that, four years has come and gone. Our seniors, who were fresh-faced, first-year students just yesterday (plus a thousand days or so) are now about to enter the—gasp—real world?

Here’s what a few graduating seniors had to say as they begin to focus on their next chapters—and what the Class of 2021 should know before heading off to college!

Looking back, what is something you wish someone had told you about your first week at Pace University?

“Don't be afraid to talk to new people.”—Beka, Psychology, NYC Campus

“The friends that you make freshmen year will probably not be your friends later, focus on you and your studies. You can always make friends later. Also, GO JOIN CLUBS! It’s the best way to meet people and get things on your resume!”—Jacqueline Costello, Communication Studies, NYC Campus

Who is your favorite professor at Pace? Why?

“There's a few. Professor Werner, Professor Spillo, Professor Mundy, Professor McNeil, Professor Karam, and Professor Weishaus. All of these professors were fun in their own ways.”—Elizabeth Piper Phillips, Environmental Studies, PLV Campus

"Mark Weinstock—best advice I've ever been given."—Cody, Economics, New York City

What was the most interesting class you took during your time at Pace? Why?

“I took a class called Magic and the Spirit World. It was truly eye-opening to different religions and how spirituality is seen in different cultures. We got to make mini documentaries and my group interviewed different people to get their take on magic, spirits, afterlife, and apparitions. It was interesting to say the least.”—Nicole Klang, Communication Studies, NYC Campus

“American Voices with Kelley Kreitz. We spoke about the raw hardcore truth about the political climate in the US regarding minorities and I think it's really important to open up that kind of discussion in an educational setting.”—Beka

"Communication Technologies and Moral Panic, because it taught me how cyclical history is, and that reminds me that everything ends up okay in the long run."—Jaclyn, Communication Studies, NYC Campus

What is something you wish you had spent more time doing during college?

“Spending quality time with the friends I have here. Now that we will be graduating, we will be splitting up around the nation and it will be harder to see each other. I would have loved to made more memories with these people.”—Rianna Chase, Arts and Entertainment Management and Quantitative Business Analysis, NYC Campus

What resource or office on campus helped you the most?

"Pace University Career Services is amazing!!! They taught me how to position myself to get internships and jobs. They helped me create a resume, cover letter, and prepare for interviews. Also, they hold at least two career fairs each year to help student meet employers and receive positions. I’m so thankful I had Pace University Career Services on my side since freshman year of college, and because of them I worked with Michael Kors, PromGirl, MSA Models, InternQueen, Team NudeStix, Skinfix and Terez."—Shalena Boca, Business Management, NYC Campus

"Working in the Writing Center and in Educational Media, I had the privilege of helping teachers, faculty, staff, and the students! I learned how important these resources were too late. Definitely reach out to the tutoring center, writing center, etc. They are there to help you!"—Jacqueline Costello

What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you to help prepare you for your senior year of college?

"Be open and excited about change, and don't worry about where you're going to end up after graduation—things are going to fall into place better than you think."—Jaclyn

“It is very important to think about where you see yourself after Commencement. You should research jobs or other opportunities. Reach out to Pace alumni on LinkedIn and ask them for advice or set up informational interviews. Reach out to your professors, talk to your advisors, talk to your friends, and be sure to let all your past and current internships know you are graduating; you never know who's hiring or who they can connect you with.”—Shalena Boca

Any final words to the Class of 2021?

“College involves a lot of balancing and a lot of growing up. If you ever need help, seek it out.”—Elizabeth Piper Phillips

"Good luck. Study something meaningful."—Cody

“You are stronger than you know. Keep pushing and strengthening yourself. Your work and endurance will pay off!”—Cherrnal Lewis, Economics, NYC Campus


Shalena Boca

Rianna Chase


Cherrnal Lewis

Jaclyn Griffith

Nicole Klang


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