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September with Seidenberg (NYC)

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Write/Speak/Code for women. Agile Day and DroidCon for all. Seidenberg has got the scoop on the techsperiences available at Pace.

Your techies at Seidenberg want to make sure you get the motors running with the semester’s start. That's why they're giving you five big things happening in September that will fuel your engines for fall 2014.

1. Write/Speak/Code
Saturday, September 13 | 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. | Pivotal Labs NYC
Our friends at Write/Speak/Code will be hosting a free, full-day, intensive developer’s workshop for women. The workshop will offer a chance for women to work in tandem to learn, practice, or improve upon their skills in software development. Not only will women be able to level-up their expertise, but the workshop is a great way to network with other developers in the field. Registration is open now, and the event includes breakfast and lunch, if you weren’t already convinced.

2. Student Panel
Wednesday, September 17
Assuming this year is like any other, a great many of you are possibly in the midst of a stressful, agonizing job search. If you’re tired of being inexperienced (or just plain broke), Seidenberg will be hosting two student panels focusing on how panelists found their summer jobs or internships. The two days will be split between undergraduate on September 17 and graduate (date TBD) panelists. For information on the dates, keep up with Seidenberg’s Twitter or Facebook feed, where we’ll be announcing information as we receive it and posting reminders for your convenience.

3. Agile Day NYC
Thursday, September 18 | 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Aniello Bianco Room and Student Union
The 5th annual Agile Day will once again be happening here at Pace. The event consists of talks from various Agile front runners, with topics such as "Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World" and "Developing Product Developers and Product Ownership." Once the talks finish, the entire Student Union will open up to host workshops and activities to promote Agile ideologies and networking within the expected crowd of 350+ agile professionals. Registration is ongoing and filling up fast, so take a look at reserving a spot. Or, as admission can be pricy on a student’s budget, we are offering a number of volunteer spots. Volunteers will be able to attend the event for free; those interested in volunteering should e-mail Wilfredo Pena at

4. UX Agency Launch
Thursday, September 18 | 6:00 p.m. | 163 William Street, 2nd Floor
Seidenberg students Stas Vaisman and Adil Hasan are building up a UX agency that will be launching this fall. Their goal is to gather a team of students from a multitude of disciplines (Hey, Dyson! Hey, Lubin!) who will ultimately work with Seidenberg Creative Labs to enhance UX on various platforms. UX (User Experience) is rapidly emerging as a career field, focusing on all aspects surrounding product development (especially in start ups). The agency, also known as Schooled (Facebook | Twitter), has connections to a university in Germany, offering students who join a chance to build their own international network while gaining real-world experience. Vaisman and Hasan will be fully explaining their initiative to anyone interested in joining. No reservations are required and free pizza will be served as bait.

5. DroidCon 2014
Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21 | Metropolitan Pavillion, 125 W. 18th Street
For all you Android enthusiasts, DroidCon is definitely going to be worth your while. This event will be the “world’s biggest, community-driven, Android developer conference,” according to the DroidCon homepage. As an international conference, you’ll have a chance to learn about Android advances from the farthest corners of the world. DroidCon has also officially announced its top 10 speakers for the event, boasting an impressive host of professionals in the Android community. Registration for the conference lasts until the September 19 and tickets start at $100, but of course we have your backs with free volunteer positions at the event. Those interested in attending DroidCon for free as a volunteer should e-mail Professor Christelle Scharff, PhD, at

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