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The Serotones

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If you’re a fan of electrifying alternative rock music and you haven’t checked out The Serotones, featuring band member and Pace student April Rose Gabrielli ‘15, and managed by Pace student Heather Brown ‘16, then here’s your chance on January 10.

Pace arts and entertainment management majors April Rose Gabrielli ’15 and Heather Brown ’16 won’t really be kicking back this winter break—they’ll be rocking out on January 10 as The Serotones take the stage alongside Gates, Young Statues, and The City On Film at Amityville Music Hall on Long Island. And they want you to join them!

Both students are putting their majors to work at Pace and in the band. Gabrielli, who serves as the student coordinator for the arts and entertainment management program, is the band’s pianist and one of the two vocalists, and also works on some band management, including helping construct a social media marketing plan and branding and designing the band's website.

"Being a business major in the arts and entertainment management program at Pace has allowed me to link up with people like Heather to help bring this band to another level. It's really difficult to strike gold with good creative and administrative team members, but being at Pace has not only given me access to an extremely supportive community but a plethora of talented and intelligent young people to network with,” says Gabrielli.

Brown is also gaining valuable networking experience, both as the band’s manager, working primarily on PR, and as president of Pace's Industry Network for arts and entertainment management.

"Being a part of the arts and entertainment management program has introduced me to real world professionals in the industry that have given me advice of what the industry is like right now and what to expect in the future,” says Brown. "Especially being president of the Industry Network for Arts and Entertainment, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to music marketing professionals formally and informally. I’ve been connected with an amazing group of students who are so eager to get involved with student and University projects. AEM students are one of a kind and their active engagement makes both my jobs that much more effective.”

The Serotones present a different perspective of alternative rock music by fostering an electrifying blend of rock, funk, and jazz to create one cohesive, feel-good sound. The Serotones tastefully display their satisfying grooves and stylistic diversity on their debut EP release titled "The Serotones." The EP was produced by Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions) and recorded at VuDu Studios on Long Island, and touches on themes that relate to all of us: deception, love, longing, chaos, and liberation.

If you check out the music video for “Silver,” you’ll see why this band is the next big thing.

The band can be found at and on all your favorite social media spots:
Facebook: TheSerotonesBand
Twitter and Instagram: @theserotones

Their music can be found on more than 20 different platforms, including:

So now that you’re convinced, purchase your $10 tickets to the show right here.