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Setter Spotlight: Business Leaders

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Lifestyle beauty expert. Personal fitness trainer. Fashion icons and branding strategists. These are some of the Setter student business leaders and visionaries making waves both at Pace and beyond. Keep an eye on their work!

It’s no secret that Pace Setters are an ambitious bunch. From content creators to dedicated scholars to student-athletes, they never stop striving to achieve more. That’s especially true for these students, who leverage their business savvy and multifaceted skill set in order to succeed in whatever venture they pursue next. Keep an eye on these Setters—they’re going places, and fast.

Alyssa Chambers ’20 is a pioneer of launching new ventures, both at Pace and beyond. She’s a lifestyle beauty blogger with a YouTube account, the founder and president of the PLV Campus choir Abyss of Sound, and a go-getter with plenty of internships under her belt. Through her lifestyle beauty brand, known as ANOVA (short for A Natural Oblique Vivacious Ambiance), Chambers not only runs a blog, but also a YouTube channel, too. “My work was inspired by insecurities I struggled with in the past,” she explained. “Prior to college, I cared a lot about what people thought about me. It took a lot of growing for me to understand that another person’s perception of me is not a reflection of who I am.” Wonderful words to live by.

Joseph Allen ’20 shatters those stereotypes, and he’s committed to inspiring others to pursue whatever passions they have in life, just like he did and continues to do. His Instagram profile reads: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and it sums up his journey very succinctly. He works as a personal fitness trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp where he trains people to push their limits and achieve their goals, something he’s perfected for himself. As an art major on the NYC Campus, Allen has single-handedly built his personal brand thanks, in part, to his artistic talents. “Ever since I was young, my mind would race with creativity, and I always wanted to express it somehow,” Allen told us.

Brennan Bodin ’19 and Madison Terry ’19, business leaders and branding experts in their own right, were the masterminds behind Profashionals, a student organization focused exclusively on providing knowledge, connections, and even job opportunities within the fashion industry to Pace students. “[Running] any organization on campus requires an immense amount of work [and] many late nights, stressful days, and added responsibilities,” they told us. And they would know—Bodin and Terry have been at the helm of Profashionals since their first year at Pace. “We have seen the organization grow immensely, and [we’ve] been even luckier to help change the lives of some students.”