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Setter Spotlight: Honors College

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Being a Pace Setter means being ambitious, and the Pforzheimer Honors College students know that better than most. They are part of a tight-knit community of doers and scholars, and they have a LOT to say. Study up on their advice!

The Pforzheimer Honors College is a place to excel at Pace in the company of engaged students and dedicated faculty. Classes require different work, not more work. In addition to innovative coursework, Honors College students receive opportunities for fellowships and scholarships; work on a research thesis typically assigned to graduate students; bond through intellectual, cultural, and social events; and much more. Let’s meet some of them:

As an Honors College ambassador (among many other roles!), Richmond Landicho ’20 certainly stayed busy during his time at Pace—including completing two internships at NBCUniversal. “I love the ambitious culture that the [University] fosters, especially within the Lubin School of Business,” he told us. “I am constantly inspired by the accomplishments of my friends and fellow peers, and thus, motivated to find my own success.” Landicho also worked as a mentor for countless students. It wasn’t an easy task by any means. “It’s important for mentors to offer advice and share their experiences without forcing the decisions of the mentee,” Landicho explained, having cultivated his leadership skills over time.

Kamari Stewart ’19 worked for some heavy-hitting companies during her time at Pace, having landed a coveted internship at NBCUniversal for the TODAY show. Before she began taking the PLV Campus by storm, though, Stewart was unsure about whether she would even attend Pace. It took a conversation with then-Dean of the Pforzheimer Honors College Susan Dinan, PhD, at a PaceBound event to really solidify Stewart’s decision. “She told me, ‘You’re not going to make a bad decision, you just have to make the best one.’ That is something that has stood with me for the past four years. She wasn’t trying to convince me that all of these other schools were bad—just to do what was right for me.”

The Pforzheimer Honors College was a big reason why Noelle Howard ’19 was initially drawn to Pace. It was a unique environment that acted as “a home away from home,” and since she also had her eye on moving to the Big Apple, the Honors College provided just what she was looking for. “Their individualized advising provides such a great support system,” she said. “You’re paired with someone who knows you and the things you are interested in and will recommend programs based on those interests.” Howard has been an active member of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Kappa Delta, and Beta Alpha Psi, whose completion team won second place in the nation. She nabbed an Outstanding Position Paper award for her research at the Model United Nations 2017 Conference, too!

From the beginning, west coast native Servando Martinez ’19 had his heart set on moving to NYC for college—and he’s worn many hats since he arrived. Martinez has been an Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, former Dyson Vice President and Executive Vice President for the Student Government Association, and much more. But it was one class in particular that left a huge impact on him: the Product Innovation Projects (PiP). Taught by the Director of the Pforzheimer Honors College Jaclyn Kopel, EdD, and Olga Bogomolova ’13 ’18, this nine-month field study program allows students from all over the world to work together in order to solve a challenge posed by an industry sponsor. “I got to travel to Austria twice as part of the course, and I learned so much!” Martinez enthused. “From international communication to design thinking to conflict resolution, I [gained] a ton of transferable skills and got to invent an innovative product from scratch.”