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Arianna Domenech-Chetram ’22, aka Victoria Kingz, is a rising star in the music biz. She’s using her arts and entertainment management major to reach new heights in her upcoming EP “Love Letters.”

Arianna Domenech-Chetram ’22, otherwise known as Victoria Kingz, is a singer, songwriter, and world traveler. She’s performed in places like Carnegie Hall (twice!), a festival in Germany, colleges and hotels in China, and much more. But did you know she actually started out at Pace as a biology major?

“I realized that I was much happier creating music,” Arianna explained, which is why she ultimately decided to switch to Lubin’s arts and entertainment management—and it’s helped her a lot in her career. “I’ve learned so much about the entertainment field that I was clueless about before,” she said. “Singing and performing is one thing, but learning about [...] the music business and how to build yourself in the music industry is something different, and I’m glad I got to take those courses at Pace.”

Those classes tie in nicely with all the hard work she’s put in for her upcoming EP “Love Letters,” an immense achievement that was inspired by many different things. “One of my new songs [...] is called ‘Deep Dive,’ and I wrote it because I had just finished binge-watching TV shows and reading books based on love in the 1800s,” she said. Honestly? So relatable. “I decided to write a modern-day dance/pop song all about diving into love and the outcome of feeling betrayed.”

Her stage name, Victoria Kingz, was also inspired by something similar. While Victoria is her middle name, Arianna began to consider what she wanted to portray as a performer. “A ‘king’ title, for centuries, has been portrayed by men and [that] they’re the most ‘powerful’ in a community,” she told us. “I thought, well, ‘king’ is a powerful title. Why [can’t] a woman portray the title?” The z was added for a little extra flare—and, of course, a nod to all the women artists that Arianna looks up to. “I did it to portray the many king-titled women who led me here and who will continue to take over.” Long live the king women!

Looking ahead, Arianna hopes to continue traveling the world and sharing her music. “I’d love to collaborate with other Pace students who want to pursue the same careers as well,” she added.

And she had a few words of wisdom for anyone who might want to pursue music, too. “One thing that kept me away from the music industry was the money situation. Everyone before college had branded the mentality into me that you don’t make any money in the music industry or it’s just very rare,” she explained. “That’s one of the reasons why I went into biology first because I also love science, but I wasn’t happy in science. So I wish I knew to pursue something that I’d feel happy doing for the rest of my life instead of focusing on what others wanted me to do.”

You can catch Arianna’s work by following her on Instagram and Spotify. Her new EP will be dropping on Friday, May 21, 2021, and she’ll also be appearing on a podcast to talk about her work in music, so be sure to listen in. We’re so excited to see where Arianna takes her music career next!