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Six Credits, Infinite Potential

News Story

It’s spring registration time! Interested in earning six credits while gaining professional and advocacy skills? Pace Academy has the perfect course for you.

Want to earn six credits this spring, make a difference, and be taught by internationally-recognized environmental experts? Check, check, and double-check.

New this spring, the Environmental Policy and Practice Clinic, open to all majors, is a first-of-its-kind learning experience where students earn six credits while learning professional skills and representing community organizations as their clients.

The Clinic is two courses organized as a General Learning Community that also fulfills AOK1 and Writing Enhanced Course requirements, as well as counted toward an Environmental Studies minor or major.

Not an environmental studies student and wondering why you should register? Advocacy skills are necessary in every aspect of life, work, and society, so students from all majors are encouraged to register.

Students will be part of a team-based professional training and service experience where they create and advocate for specific policy reforms of local, state, and national significance. The Clinic's office will be at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies on the Westchester Campus, and students will have full-time access to its support facilities and work space.

Interested students must register for both of the following courses:
ENV 297A, Environmental Clinic, CRN 23589 (Instructor: John Cronin*)
MCA 297F, Environmental Information, Communication and Innovation, CRN 23590 (Instructor: Andrew Revkin*)

*John Cronin and Andrew Revkin are nationally and internationally recognized experts in environmental issues.  Professor Cronin's career has included advocacy, policy development, and real-time monitoring technology with an emphasis on water quality. Andrew Revkin has been a science reporter and journalist for over 20 years, including creating and maintaining the New York Times' Dot Earth blog, with an emphasis on climate change.  

For more information, contact: John Cronin (, Andrew Revkin (, Michelle Land (, or call Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies at (914) 773-3091.