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Sneak Peek at SDACA and SDCA

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Looking to get involved? What about starting your own club? The Centers for Student Development and Campus Activities are here to help! Through activities, leadership programs, and more, they’re your one-stop-shop for all things campus life.

Being involved on campus is a great way to create your campus social network. The Centers for Student Development and Campus Activities (SDACA and SDCA) offers a diverse array of student organizations, Greek Life, cultural and spiritual experiences, and services to assist with your transition to campus life. They’re committed to supporting students who are interested in starting new organizations and maintaining an existing organization.

Through a number of leadership programs, campus activities, and student organizations, they promote student engagement and growth. We know that student involvement and student success go hand-in-hand, so we encourage you to get connected and find your place in the Pace Community!

If you’re interested in getting involved or even starting a brand-new club, look no further! The team is here to assist you:

PLV Campus (SDCA):

NYC Campus (SDACA):

Also make sure you join SetterSync while you’re at it. It’s where you’ll find all the latest event postings and leadership opportunities on campus!