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Snoozing Is Fundamental (PLV)

News Story

Sleep Awareness Week is coming to Pleasantville starting today! Learn how to develop better sleeping habits, and conquer the hectic forces of college life through a healthier sleep regimen.

Do you find yourself constantly hitting the snooze button? Is your lack of sleep something you’d very much like to fix? If so, don’t sleep (metaphorically) on Sleep Awareness Week—coming to Westchester from March 28–April 1!

Four Lienhard School of Nursing doctoral students—Shellene K. Dietrich, Coleen M. Jimenez, Melida D. Knibbs, and Ishmael L. Umali, in conjunction with faculty mentors Marie Londrigan, PhD, and Karen Martin, family nurse practitioner and associate director of the Health Care Unit—are hoping to bring an end to your sleep deprivation woes through an extended campaign surrounding sleep awareness. Through research involving a comprehensive systematic review, the team found that that many college students aren’t fully aware of proper sleep hygiene and behavioral practices, which in turn can affect stress levels and the ability to focus during classes, particularly those in the early morning. In other words, there’s very much a reason why you haven’t stopped yawning through your first class of the day.

Given this lack of information, the team has launched Sleep Awareness Week to promote better sleep habits at Pace. This week, you’ll be seeing posters around campus that will provide information about sleep habits amongst college students and offer simple solutions to help you get out of that drowsy funk!

As the research shows, simple adjustments such as determining a set bedtime, establishing a bedtime routine, avoiding napping during the day, and avoiding bright lights and gadgets prior to bedtime, can go a really long way. After all, no matter how much you may love The Walking Dead, it’s probably best to avoid stumbling around campus like one of those crazed Walkers.

“We’re giving students these tips in the hopes that they’ll improve sleep habits, maybe decrease stress and make helpful lifestyles changes—they’ll be able to go to bed at a certain time, wake up for their morning classes. It’s to get the students attention, and hopefully start an awareness campaign,” said Dietrich.  

So be on the on the lookout for Sleep Awareness Week posters and pamphlets, and remember—snoozing is fundamental!