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The Speech You Need to Hear (PLV)

News Story

Don McPherson, NFL veteran and inspirational speaker, is coming to Pace this evening.

There are events that you mark down on your calendar, and then there are events that, due to their sheer importance and capacity to move, are marked down for you. This is one of the latter.

You may have heard of Don McPherson—the former All-American quarterback, college football hall-of-famer, and NFL veteran had a storied career in football. But his biggest impact may very well be off the field, where McPherson has served as an empowering and motivational speaker. Visiting colleges and cities all over the country, McPherson uses his experience in the sports world and subsequent career to address complex social justice issues. This evening, McPherson will be offering an empowering and educational lecture dealing with bystander intervention in addressing issues pertaining to alcohol and substance abuse, bullying, and the prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

Don McPherson will be speaking at the Goldstein Auditorium at 9:00 p.m.  All students are highly encouraged to attend.