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The Spiritual Educator

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Luca Del Deo ’21 came to Pace with a mission: educate and guide his fellow students through meditation classes, and continue his studies into a variety of spiritual traditions so that he may better understand the human condition.

Luca Del Deo ’21 seems to find inspiration in so many places. He’s the vice president of the Pace University Poetry Society (PUPS) where he leads meetings and contributes his own work to a variety of different publications. He’s also passionate about environmental issues, lending much of his efforts to the Pace Sustainability Initiative to ensure best practices in our community. Not only that, Del Deo has launched countless classes in guided meditation across both campuses—and he’s just getting started.

Before he came to Pace, Del Deo backpacked through India where he explored all kinds of meditation techniques, lived with Buddhist monks, studied yoga in Rishikesh, and met a variety of people who observed different spiritual traditions such as Kabbalah, Wicca, and even Ancient Egyptian practices. “After studying and meditating in India for a few months, I arrived at Pace feeling like I had a mission,” Del Deo told us. “I wanted to continue studying these traditions and the ways they could potentially help in understanding the human condition.”

That was why he decided to major in philosophy and religious studies with a minor in psychology. It seemed like the perfect fit, especially when he learned more about his professors. “[They] often spared the time to get to know their students on an individual level,” he explained, something that wasn’t simply restricted to just one campus. “I’ve really loved the ability to choose between Pleasantville and New York City so that when the city gets to be too much, I have a beautiful stretch of Pace greenery to comfort me.”

He’s taken advantage of our dual campuses in a big way. Del Deo has been pioneering guided meditations in both locations, working extensively with Sister Susan and the Alumni Hall residence team on the PLV Campus, as well as the Psychology Club (PsiChi) on the NYC Campus, where he’s launched numerous workshops for all Pace students to enjoy. “By doing these workshops, my main hope is to expose more people to meditation practices,” he told us. “There are so many techniques and contradicting theories [and] philosophies. I try to lay it out simply for people so that they can start meditating on their own.”

Not only does Del Deo lead a variety of meditation classes at both libraries and schools outside Pace, he has worked as a tour guide for the Cape Cod National Park and the city of Provincetown, MA, as well as taught classes to high school students through the TRIO Upward Bound program. The last opportunity was one that, he says, helped change his perspective. “This was the first time I had taught in a classroom setting, and it was a daunting task,” Del Deo told us. “I realized I could improve as an educator by understanding how each person learns differently. Since then, I’ve noticed this has helped me to explain complicated concepts in the study of meditation with more ease.”

And if that wasn’t enough, get this: he’s worked with the Pace Sustainability Initiative (PSI) when they partnered with Chartwells to improve Pace’s sustainability practices in our cafeterias. “PSI has made great progress with enabling our campus to compost our waste, and a petition I started earlier in the semester brought awareness to the issue of food used as display items,” he told us.

Ever the educator, Del Deo continues to work hard offering his skills and expertise to bring wellness opportunities to his fellow students. He’s driven, dedicated, and incredibly passionate, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate his success here at Pace. It should come as no surprise that his talents are highly sought after, and we’re eager to see where he decides to go next.

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