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Spotlight on Clubs: FLIHC (PLV)

News Story

Future Leaders in Health Care is providing an opportunity for members to grow in the healthcare field and beyond through volunteering, education, development, and professionalism.

Future Leaders in Health Care (FLIHC) on the PLV Campus "calls the shots" and creates a welcoming environment for students across all majors to get involved, give back to the community, and learn more about personal health and the healthcare field. They contribute to events on campus such as Relay for Life, and host events of their own such as a bone marrow drive that will be taking place on Monday, March 6, in Kessel Multipurpose Room. Learn more about these students that are hip to health care!

Meeting times: Every other Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in Alumni Hall Classroom
Founded: Technically, FLIHC was formed last year, but before we were known as Student Nurses at Pace (SNAP). We wanted to make the group more health care driven and inclusive to all—not just nursing students.
Unofficial club motto: “We call the shots.”
Number of members: 50
Your club in one word: Motivating and challenging.

Q: What is something you’d like students to know about your club?
A: We are not just a nursing club. These last two years, we have been trying to get people involved by saying, “You don’t need to be in nursing or the healthcare field to be in this club.” If you are interested or want to learn more about healthy living or donating blood, you can definitely come in. We are not just targeted toward nursing. We try to help students get involved and experience as much healthcare knowledge as they can acquire at Pace.

Q: What makes your club unique?
A: In our club, we really try to get students involved as much as possible. It’s not like we as the executive board are standing up in the front talking the whole time every Wednesday. We always have people voicing their ideas and giving us feedback. Our club tries to incorporate what the group wants, and we are changing constantly. It is a club for health care majors, but a lot of our events apply to the entire campus and the world. We hold and sponsor blood and bone marrow drives, and a lot of our events are for the health of not just our students in the club, but for everyone.

Q: What’s the best part about being in FLIHC?
A: It’s great meeting new people, and it is nice that the students reach out to the executive board for advice and share with us why they are interested in their majors. We are constantly learning.

Q: What are your club’s goals?
A: We want to sustain membership and hold more engaging meetings. We want to continue to contribute to the education, development, and professionalism of our members.

Q: Why should people join your club?
A: I think we are such a cool group with very intellectual conversations that include the importance and meaningfulness of being a blood, bone marrow, or organ donor. We value so much of what our members put into the group. We try to get our students involved in other groups' events as well, such as Relay for Life, to help other causes.

Q: Do you have any events coming up?
A: We have a bone marrow drive on Monday, March 6, from 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. in Kessel Multipurpose Room. All are welcome to come out and donate!

Learn more about FLIHC on OrgSync and their Facebook page.