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Spotlight on Clubs: Lavender Ladies (NYC)

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Learn more about the group empowering women and seeking to bring visibility to queer women on campus.

The mission of the Lavender Ladies is to provide an environment where women identified people who love women identified people feel safe and supported by their peers and allies. This organization seeks to bring visibility to queer women on campus and inspire pride among women at Pace who may otherwise feel isolated from their peer group. With fun events ranging from fabulous movie nights, to discussions, to Escape the Room, Lavender Ladies brings together a community of students empowering and supporting one another. Learn more about the Lavender Ladies in this Q&A with members of the executive board.

Meeting times: Bi-weekly, on the second and fourth Wednesday’s of the month during Common Hour
Founded: 2011
Club motto: Women identified people who love women identified people and their allies
Song that describes your club: “Q.U.E.E.N.” by Janelle Monáe and “Keep On Livin’” by Le Tigre
Your club in a few words: Inclusive and empowering

Q: What is something you’d like students to know about your club?
A: We’re not just a lesbian club—we do so much more. We do a lot of woman empowering events, mind-calming events, and casual movie nights.

Q: What is something about your club that people wouldn’t know?
A: We are all different. You look at the crowd and you see so much diversity. We are a club about being yourself. Anybody can come to our events and come to our meetings to talk about day-to-day life.

Q: What’s the best part about being in Lavender Ladies?
A: Our events are really cool! We have great movie nights with phenomenal movies like Halloweentown and Thelma & Louise. We are doing Escape the Room soon, and we have a lot of freedom to do the events we want. Anything if you tie it back to women, we can do it.

Q: What are your club’s goals?
A: Increase our visibility on campus, and try to get more people involved since we think it is a pretty great organization.

Q: Why should people join your club?
A: Being a part of Lavender Ladies is not about being a lesbian. It is about women empowerment, having fun with your peers, and learning about things that will affect you today. It’s about the creation of a community where you are not expected to adhere to labels or conform.

Q: Do you have any events coming up?
A: Escape the Room on Saturday, April 29, and we are looking to collaborate with Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault for another event this semester.

To learn more about Lavender Ladies, follow them on OrgSync and Facebook.