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Spotlight on Clubs: Mixed Martial Arts Club

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Mixed Martial Arts Club balances swift moves with a firm understanding that martial arts is far more than violence and fighting.

Mixed Martial Arts Club, Pace’s only mixed martial arts group, strives to provide a community for beginner and intermediate skill level students alike to get moving while making friends on the NYC Campus. Though the group provides instruction from professionals and instructors from a variety of martial arts backgrounds, MMA Club promotes an understanding that martial arts is far more than violence and fighting. It is an outlet for exploring the philosophies and disciplines of various styles and how they apply to business, as well as daily life.

Learn more about what keeps MMA Club kickingand how you can get involvedin this interview with the group’s president, Yasmin Laskar.

Tentative meetings: Monday and Wednesday during Common Hour
Founded: December 7, 2016
Number of members: 14
Song that describes MMA Club: “Shout” by Tears for Fears
Your club in one word: Energy

Q: What would you like students to know about our club?
A: MMA is not just some sort of violent activity. There are entire careers formed out of it, but it also does not have to be the only path in a career. There are many brilliant people who practice MMA while maintaining other careers.

Q: What is something unique about your club that people would not know?
A: We are looking to branch out and make connections with clubs such as theatre clubs for people who don’t act, and create a performance that combines MMA and theatre so it is not purely about fighting.

Q: What is the best part of MMA?
A: Personally, the best part is the sense of control you feel in the way you move your body. The movements are so swift, yet you are in full control.

Q: What are the goals of MMA club?
A: We are looking to form a community here at Pace and we are trying to get professional trainers to teach our group. There are some new faces to MMA in our club and some who have been practicing it for years. We have members who want to fight professionally, but don’t know how to get there. So far, we have four trainers coming to meet with students.

Q: Why should students join your club?
A: Because we are not trying to stereotype and say only people interested in MMA are allowed to join. We want to give everyone the chance to get moving and meet friends.

To learn more, check out MMA Club on Orgsync!