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Spotlight on Clubs: P4K

News Story

On November 19, the PLV Campus will host the fourth annual Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon to benefit Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Learn more about how to bust a move and get involved in this Q&A!

24 hours in a day; 8 hours to save a life. Now entering its fourth year, Pace 4 Kids is hosting the Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon—an 8-hour event full of dancing, games, entertainment, and solidarity—to raise money for the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center, which serves more than 20,000 children each year. P4K has raised more than $85,000 to help make a difference in the lives of children within the Hudson Valley community at Maria Fareri, and they’re ready to put on their dancing shoes for the dance marathon on November 19 from 3:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m. in the Kessel Student Center.

This year, they’re back with a goal of $30,000 and they need your help! From dancing, to volunteering for cleanup, to boosting morale, to donating, there’s plenty of ways to get involved for the cause. Learn more about the club and find out how you can help the Kids in this Q&A with the Executive Director of Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon 2016-2017, Lindsey Soto.

Q: What makes your club unique to Pace?

A: Pace 4 Kids is unique to Pace because we host an 8-hour dance marathon and fundraise all year for the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, which is our local children's hospital.

Q: What’s one of your proudest moments as a club?

A: Our proudest moment as an organization is coming together and planning an amazing and fun event for the kids!

Q: Why should people join your club and come out to the dance marathon?

A: People should join the Pace 4 Kids Board of Directors and register for the Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon because it gives them the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and everything we do is for the kids we are fundraising and dancing for. Also, who doesn't love dancing? This year participants will be able to learn our morale dance, participate in fun activities, and have the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Q: If you could describe your club in a few words, what would they be?

A: For the Kids!

Q: What are the goals of the organization?

A: The goals of the organization are to plan an outstanding and fun dance marathon, raise money for the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital (this year, we are trying to raise $30,000), and plan other events to publicize Pace 4 Kids 2016.

Q: How can students or spectators get involved?

A: Students and spectators can get involved by registering for P4K 2016 here. If they are unable to attend, we still encourage people to register and fundraise for the hospital. Students can also become a committee member and help with the planning and execution of P4K.

We start creating the Board of Directors for next year's P4K Dance Marathon at the end of February, so any students interested should be on the lookout for announcements of when we will send out applications!


P4K hosts tabling events each Monday and Wednesday in Kessel with interactive events to get students aware of P4K. Check out these events or head to the P4K website to learn more! Happy dancing!