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Spotlight on Clubs: Profashionals

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The Profashionals on the NYC Campus have more than a flair for fashion—they are aiming to take over the fashion world one networking event, internship, and industry workshop at a time. Learn more about the club and how you can sew your path to fashion success in this Q&A.

The official fashion club of Pace University, Profashionals, stitches together a community of students looking to land their dream internships and careers in the fashion world through events with successful designers, editors, and fashion moguls, as well as networking events, informative meetings, and more.

In this Q&A, Profashionals President Brianna Dellasala shares some upcoming runway-worthy events and how students can sew a path to their own success by getting involved.

Q: What does your organization offer to Pace and Pace students?
A: Profashionals is a club centered around helping students who are interested in fashion get a peek into the different career paths in the industry. Throughout the year, the club helps students gain the needed skills to attain and shine in internships through resume building, tips on creating cover letters and business cards, how to's on creating your personal brand, as well as interview workshops. In addition, we host several guest speaker events throughout each semester to allow members to learn and network first hand with the people whose careers they admire. 

Q: Why should people join your organization?
A: Profashionals is a great club for all types of majors and aspirations. Members who want to have a career in the industry or simply hold an interest of fashion will get helpful tips to gain experience, internships, knowledge, and contacts in the industry through our meetings, workshops, and networking events. The tips we give are universal across all industries so we even encourage students without an interest in fashion to join as well. Also, with a membership roster of over 280 students, joining the club is a great way to become more involved in the Pace Community.

Q: What signature events and achievements are you guys planning/known for?
A: We are most known for our annual networking event, “Dress for Success,” that is held at the end of April and features panelists from all over the fashion industry. Last year it was held off-campus and featured panelists from Allure, Fendi, Macy's, Facebook, Harper's Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan magazine, with the vice president of ED2010 moderating. So make sure to look out for updates for this year's event!

This year we have created two new large networking events. The first, that was already described above is “Media Mavens: A Profashional’s Eye into the Media Industry.” This event took place on December 2, and featured industry professionals from the media side of the fashion industry.

The second event we added to the calendar this year was “The Designer Files,” which featured a spotlight on celebrity designer and Pace alumnus, Asher Levine. At the event, Asher answered a series of questions centered around his career path and creative process in a roundtable-style, dining atmosphere. As with all of our events, afterwards students were given the opportunity to network with Asher. 

While “The Designer Files” has already passed, Profashionals plans to make this event along with “Media Mavens” annual just like “Dress for Success.”

Q: If you could describe your club in one word, what would it be?
A: Networking, networking, networking.

Q: What are the goals of the organization?
A: Profashionals was founded with the goal of helping students break into the fashion industry by helping them to acquire all the skills and tools needed to get the dream internship—a goal that still holds true today. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to share!
A: If anyone would like to join or receive email updates on the club just send us an e-mail: