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Spotlight On Clubs: Queer Society (NYC)

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Queer Society bridges NYC's LGBTQIA+ community with Pace's Community and focuses on intersectionality and education. Learn more in this Queer Society Q&A and check out their first meeting on February 14.

Queer Society NYC, a group of passionate students that launched off of Pace’s Stonewall Coalition, aims to bridge New York City's LGBTQIA+ community with Pace’s own community, creating an inclusive and empowering space for all. Join them for their first official meeting of the semester titled “Taking Back Queer” on Tuesday, February 14, to learn more about how you can get involved, and check out this interview with some of the Queer Society’s executive board members.

Tentative meetings: First official meeting on Tuesday, February 14; Tuesdays during Common Hour
Founded: Founded in 2016
Song that describes Queer Society: "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga or "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor
Your club in one word: Diversity

Q: What would you like students to know about our club?
A: Although we as the executive board are leaders of the group, we are equal to everyone and all students. We want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone on the executive board is so friendly, passionate, and kind, and we want students to know that. You are not alone, you are part of something much greater beyond anything in this world, and how you feel isn’t invalid at all.

Q: What is something unique about your club that people would not know?
A: We look at every different form of identity and we don’t express just one form of identity. Everyone is included and everyone is equal. No matter how they justify themselves, their voice is just as loud as anyone’s voice.

Q: What is the best part of being involved in Queer Society?
A: There are people who say they are going to change the world and don’t do anything, and then there are people who say they are going to change the world and actually do something. With Queer Society, we are making a difference, and that is so satisfying for so many reasons. The fact that we can help people make them feel okay with themselves and their sexuality, and just living, is the best part. Also meeting people who are impacted by things that we have already started doing I think is eye-opening. It is amazing to see other students who are excited for the exact same things we are excited about and even beyond Pace. The passion that we have as a family is wonderful as well and how we include everyone.

Q: What are the goals of Queer Society?
A: We like to focus on intersectionality and education. Stonewall here at Pace was more about bringing together a community of LGBTQA people here because that was what was lacking at the time—there were individuals but no one really had a sense of somewhere to go if they were feeling some sort of way or needed someone to talk to. We have a community now and we are adding in more education and including more LGBT programs. Each person’s queer might mean a different definition and we want to acknowledge that everyone is different and we are all in this together. We are branching out to other schools as well and reaching out to their communities.

Q: Why should students join your club?
A: They should join because it is another community, so they can find people who are like-minded, or even not specifically like-minded, they can learn more. Also because they would be able to participate and be able to give back and teach other people, and advocate about things they are passionate about alongside people who are passionate about the same things. We always welcome ideas, things we can do, and things we can improve upon.

Q: Can you tell  more about your meeting on February 14 and any other big events?
A: It is our first meeting from 3:25 p.m.–4:25 p.m. in Room W607 of One Pace Plaza where we will talk about the history of the word queer, how it has changed, and how now it is a very empowering term. We will also have a Valentine’s Day theme. Also, we have worked really hard on our Queer Gala coming up in April. Everyone is welcome and it is going to be one big celebration, so we invite everyone to attend!

To learn more, check out Queer Society on OrgSync and on Facebook.