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Spring 2021 Academic Skills Workshops

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Get a jump on your GPA with skills-building workshops on time management, goal-setting, study tips (that don’t involve all-nighters), and more thanks to the Learning Center.

Have you hit an academic plateau? Doing well, but looking to do better? Could your study methods use a bit of a boost? Check out all the Pace Learning Center Academic Workshops to get a jump on your work and move your learning forward. There are a variety of opportunities on both the NYC Campus (PDF) and PLV Campus (PDF). Review the list of workshops (below), register for an available time slot (on the PDF), and get started!

Available Workshops

  • >> Yes, You Should Take a Break: Learning Various Techniques for Self-Care and Its Importance: College is stressful in ordinary times. We are living through an extraordinary time. Practice de-stressing and learn ways to make self-care a part of your daily life.

  • >> Invest in Your Time, Don’t Spend It: Learning Time Management: Always waiting until the last minute to get your work done? Procrastination can really hurt. In this workshop, take a deep dive into how to take charge of your time and use it effectively.

  • >> How to Deliver Your Message: Effective Communication is Key for Success: Getting your message across requires you to use the most appropriate “channel” and language. Examine different communication styles and situations in this workshop.

  • >> Be Smart and Stay Motivated: Developing Goals to Ensure You’re Always on the Right Track: If you want to achieve, but can’t seem to quite get there, this workshop will discuss the framework for writing effective, achievable goals.

  • >> Amazing Hacks for College Success, Part 1: Note Taking Strategies and Making Your Notes Useful: Even if you think you take good notes, there’s always something to learn! Discuss how effective note-taking and working with notebooks can actually lead to higher grades.

  • >> Amazing Hacks for College Success, Part 2: Effective Reading Strategies for Any Book or Subject: Reading a lot of textbooks and dense text can be challenging. Discuss reading strategies to help you save time and retain information—without falling asleep.

  • >> This is All New to Me! Finding Your College Path and Adapting to University Life: Whether you’re the first in your family to attend college, come from outside the US to learn, returning to college after a long time away, or simply have to rely on yourself to figure out how college works, this workshop is for you. Examine how to make the most of your Pace education.

  • >> Learn Your Learning Strategy, Use it for a Lifetime: Evaluating and Applying Individual Strategies for Intentional Learning: What is studying, anyway, and how can you take charge of it? Define studying and provide a path to highly effective methods in this workshop.

  • >> Defeat the Distractions: Techniques for Making Online Learning Effective: Are open tabs, other devices, family, and other distractions getting in the way of focusing on the task at hand? Discuss options to increase your focus and learn tips on being an effective remote learner.

  • >> Use the Test to Beat the Test: Learning Test-Taking Strategies for Better Exam Performance: So you stayed up all night studying for a test. Is there a better way? Yes, there is! Discuss long-term and short-term strategies to help you perform better on exams.

  • >> You’re Not Alone: How to Create Effective Groups and Make Powerful Presentations: Most people hate working in a group. Many times, you’ll end up doing all the work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Dissect group work from the perspectives of being part of one, being a group organizer, or being placed in a group. You’ll also find ways to defuse frustrations when things go wrong.