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Spring Break 2019

News Story

Pace students are packing for spring break, but some are prepping for some seriously cool trips: filming a documentary in Hawai‘i, studying health care in Costa Rica, and much more. Check out what they’ll be up to!

Alternative Spring Break

Each spring, the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) offers students an amazing opportunity to spend a week learning about and directly assisting a community in need. This year they’ll be traveling to Ocean County, New Jersey, in order to help those hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. Although the storm struck more than six years ago, many families have yet to return home. Pace students have made a commitment to help by rolling up their sleeves and rebuilding homes. Keep an eye on the CCAR blog for updates!

Making the Documentary in Hawai‘i

Professors and students from the Media, Communications and Visual Arts (MCVA) department will be visiting Hawai‘i to conduct interviews and capture footage for their upcoming documentary, Living on the Edge in Paradise. The documentary team consists of 20 students and two professors, who will be staying in Hilo for spring break in order to investigate what it’s like living near an active volcano. They’ll be chronicling their journey on the PaceDocs blog for all your behind-the-scenes details before the documentary is officially released.

Big Business in China

This Lubin faculty-led field study course is all about understanding and managing in different cultures, doing business across cultures, and managing multi-national business affairs in the context of the US and China. Under the direction of Professor Alan Eisner, PhD, students have been studying cases and hearing from experts in preparation for their trip. The program will feature visits to Shanghai and Beijing including companies and cultural sites such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. “For most students, this is their first trip to China,” Professor Alan Eisner, PhD, told us. “They engage with a variety of Chinese and multinational firm leaders and experience Chinese culture by walks atop the Great Wall, through the Forbidden City, and along the Shanghai Bund. In 20 years of visits to China, the country has experienced significant changes, and there is always something new to learn.” Lubin also awards scholarships through the Figueroa Family Fund, a much-needed boon for students in need of financial assistance. And when you’re looking down from the rotating glass dome at the top of Dongfang Mingzhu? Anything seems possible.

Health and Wellness in Costa Rica

This program is organized by the Monteverde Institute (MVI) in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It features lectures on the Costa Rican health care system, prenatal nutrition and pregnancy practices, sustainability issues, and qualitative research methods—all curated by Assistant Professor Christen Cooper, EdD, RDN. The program includes visits to public and private clinics and community centers. Students will conduct windshield surveys and present at the Monteverde Institute.

Coming Soon...

This summer, Pace students are set to study literature in Greece, public administration in England, sustainability in Scandinavian countries, international accounting in China, religious studies in Rome, and service learning in Ecuador. Talk about broadening your horizons!

Ready to immerse yourself? Visit the Education Abroad website to learn about all the exciting opportunities available to you.